GTA 4 restrained by Xbox 360 says UK publication

From TVG:
"Having spent some time reviewing Rockstar's teaser trailer for Grand Theft Auto IV just to eek out some extra details from the minute long reveal several weeks ago, attention has now turned to analysing additional details about the game itself.

Reports from the US emerged first, confirming the identity of GTA IV's protagonist, the single-city location, and the game's lack of aeroplanes, but now it's the turn of UK-based publications in this instance, PSM UK. In the latest issue, the publication reveals further titbits of information including news that the masses of NPCs that wander around the streets of Liberty City have their own quirks (for instance, some will smoke), and that the police force will be more challenging this time around.

There certainly seems to be plenty of little details being thrown into the fourth true iteration of the ten-year old franchise, including a wide variety of behaviours from NPCs, and several unconfirmed multiplayer modes, but the article also reveals one of two interesting notions. First of all is the apparent restraint being placed on Rockstar North thanks to Microsoft's decision to release the harddrive-less Core version of Xbox 360, something that the Oblivion team at Bethesda Softworks can no doubt relate to. The Xbox 360's DVD player is also cited as something of a restraint in the article too..."

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eques judicii5808d ago

oblivion was 4.5 gbs... dvd was not limiting for them... however, the lack of a standard HDD is a drawback when it comes to streaming data, something that the addition of HD-DVD or bluray would not solve.

Lord Anubis5808d ago

Don't know why people bring that up. Why didn't you use the previous GTA titles as an example. Because using elder scrolls as an example is just silly, repetitive voice overs, repetitive monsters and they reuse assets a lot. GTA 3 had more content than Elder Scrolls

shotty5808d ago

Saints Row fit on a DVD aswell and its the exact type of game on the same scale.

Halonator5808d ago

long can u keep saying that. I look at my 360 with reality. i mean i just hope they keep making really good game. I think geometrry wars show that a game doesn't have to be huge or crazy graphics. i love that game and its a simple concept.

i truth i don't thing the 360 can keep up. i mean reall. WE ARE USING SOMTHING THAT IS OVER 10 YEARS OLD. i wasn't always in to gaming so i don't know what the origanl ps came out with the cd or dvd.

I seems to me like game were befor the dvd, the the dvd and now hddvd or bluray.

the fact is that a game on bluray doesn't need to use 40 or 50 gigs...seems to me like if it is only 10 is out of the 360's league.


SmokeyMcBear5808d ago

we all knew this day was coming... let the flame war begin

Halonator5808d ago

Odd peolpe making fun of it because it is from PSM...i don't remember anyone saying anything when other details came out from this same interview.
#7 you are right...i notice that too.

I think we all know this would happen eventually. I am starting to think that MS is going to put out a bunch of 360 so they can make money and run before the ps3 really picks up stem...I hope not though. Not for at least another 2 years becuase then i will have had 3 years with my 360 and i will have been money well spent. and i can easly but the ps3 in over a year.

Shake5807d ago

i dont get it.wut does psm uk supposed to settle?

nice_cuppa5808d ago


oxmuk says the ps3 gpu is holding back gt4 !

dantesparda5807d ago

Man, you're really technically ignorant. They are talking about how the DVD drive on the 360 isnt fast enough to stream the data of the disk to incorporate airplanes flying by, at those res'es at a reasonable speed. The guys who made Saints Row, said the same thing! they also wanted to include planes, but didnt for the same reasons. Now the PS3 having a HDD wouldnt have this problem. That is what they are talking about. Not that the graphics are being held back, or the size of the game. Now stop being such a ignorant douchebag

BIadestarX5808d ago

Hey LOOK! A Sony fanboy article for the the Sony fanboys!

fury5808d ago

an ownage article for the XBots. OWNED!

Skizelli5808d ago

Two morons sitting in a tree...

sovietsoldier5808d ago

i just love how people abuse the feedback system on this site! fan boys and little babbies are to blame!