Gran Turismo PSP renders and pack shot teased

Game Console writes: "Sony has released the pack shot for the upcoming Gran Turismo on PlayStation Portable, along with some screen renders of the featured Corvette ZR1."

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Saaking3363d ago

GT PSP is greater than Forza 3

LuHawk23363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

too bad you and your boyfriend Chad the [email protected] Warden use the psp as a dildo

ThatCanadianGuy3363d ago

We don't need to hear about your hobbies.

LuHawk23362d ago

Damn you can't read B!tch its says Chad the [email protected] Warden and Saaking
dumb ass your definitly part of that group stupid Canadian chump

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LinuxGuru3363d ago

To think that the PSP would be capable of graphics like this...just amazing no matter what way you slice it.

phosphor1123363d ago

There here ( ) are all PSP renders. When you look at them, they match things like Forza 3 and GT5p, but when you look at the hires renders, you can see that they are actually the low polygon renders. It's amazing to see that stuff come from a handheld.

f7897903362d ago

I'd expect it to suck every piece of processing power out of it. I'm still impressed just from the previews of people playing it.

SpartanZero3363d ago

I think you mean GT5 won't release as they can't make their racer better than Forza 2 :/

ThatCanadianGuy3363d ago

Poor bot is in denial.He's not even making sense.

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The story is too old to be commented.