Wii sales down due to lack of 'Big Titles' or gimmicky motion controls?

Nintendo's Satoru Iwata says sales are down due to lack of big titles. But are there other reasons for the drop in sales?

Why is Nintendo feeling the financial pain now, when they were number one for so long?

Are gamers finally getting over the initial craze of the Wii Motion Controls?

Was the Wii just a fad all along?

Obviously, more questions than answers.

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qface643387d ago

im guessing sales are down because of the economy

i mean if it was because of gimicky motion controls then the wii just wouldn't have even sold at all

GamerReport3387d ago

The economy is hurting everyone, we all know that. But my question is, are people getting over that initial "newness" of the Wii's motion controls? It was awesome at first yea, but how long will it last before gamers move on? I'm afraid it's already happening.

3387d ago
Gr813387d ago

Ah man, gotta love the title, dripping with fanboyism.

Oh well. Funny thing is the Wii is still outselling both competitors, usually combined, but Wii is the sytsem in trouble.