Giant Bomb: The King of Fighters XII Review

Giant Bomb writes: "The fighting at the center of King of Fighters XII is totally fine, but with everything surrounding that action coming off so half-cocked, there are a lot of annoying little barriers to enjoying that fighting. If you're planning on playing versus matches against local friends, go right ahead. But everyone else should probably wait a bit for a lower price, another set of online-focused patches, or both".

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-Mezzo-3387d ago

This was one dissapointing game.

oldskoolgamer3386d ago

i was looking forward to this, oh well guess ill be getting blaze blue

Gobot3386d ago

Wow, the only fighting game that takes real skill gets a low score.

GameGambits3386d ago

LMAO. That's the funniest thing I read all day.

The amount of turtle tactics and projectile spam I had to endure was border line hilarious. All fighting games take a certain level of skill if your opponent doesn't suck either. Even Super Smash Bros. needs skill.