So, What's the Scariest Game This Gen so Far?

Go! Gaming Giant: 'There hasn't really been that many horror games so far this generation, and there have been even less really scary ones. Games such as Siren: Blood Curse, Alone in the Dark – Inferno and Jericho were disappointing and Silent Hill: Homecoming continued the series' habit of being mediocre since the first few games, and it's left us with few horror games to make us wet ourselves. And we love wetting ourselves. Well, you know what I mean.

The few games we're left with are Resident Evil 5, Condemned 2: Bloodshot, FEAR 2, Left 4 Dead and Dead Space. Did I miss anything? There's nothing that immediately springs to mind, so there can't be anything left (that's how these things work, right?).'

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-Mezzo-4337d ago

Disagreed, i would choose Dead Space.

Nitrowolf24337d ago

i agree, i tried F.E.A.R.2 and got chills but Dead space scared the crap out of me on some parts

TheHater4337d ago

Dead Space is the scariest and best game on that list. RE5 was not scary nor was Left for Dead.

umair_s514337d ago

L4D is Coop, and coop aren't usually scary. Dead Space is clearly the scariest game this gen and IMO ever.

The_Darkest_Red4337d ago

Scary: Dead Space

Scare Fail: RE5

MEsoJD4337d ago

neither of these games are scary.

There needs to be a game with the greatness of silent hill 2.

-Mezzo-4337d ago

I would love a game with the greatness of Silent Hill 2.

flip-it34337d ago

I guess most of you haven't played Siren. Seriously this game is the the biggest hard pounding survival horror game ever. I like scary games but I can't bring myself to beat this game. You don't have the luxury of having massive guns and ammo readily available, sometimes you have to hide then run past these zombies before they notice you. GO TRY the demo!

Information Minister4337d ago

Sarcasm... Are you trying to give me a heart attack?! Your comment was some scary sh!t.

Uzesgelen_Goo4337d ago

Siren: New Translation (aka Siren : Blood Curse) is the gem of this generation of horror games.!!!!

HolaTarola4337d ago (Edited 4337d ago )

I'm with you man, SIREN: Blood Curse is a masterpiece of the survival horror genre.

The thing that I love the most and make this game the best survival horror since Silent Hill is that the fear doesn't come from the typical thing that jump out of nowhere and make a loud sound, ooh noes.. This game keep you on the edge of your sofa because the tension of the gameplay and atmosphere of the game..

To anyone who doesn't have played it yet, do you a favor and try it out, is truly a masterpiece of horror..

Here's the trailer video ;)

Oh, and btw.. the designer of the game is Keiichirō Toyama, the same man that design the first Silen Hill..

Chubear4337d ago

You know, I've been dragging my heels about getting the game Siren. From reading these comments on here I'm off right now to purchase this game cause I played the demo in day light and it freaked me out way too much.

I also played the demo of Dead Space and though the demo wasn't particularly scary I could tell it would be quite a scare of a game. I don't even want to mention Silent Hill anymore. I'm just gutted what they did with this great series this gen. Great game but not at all the "next gen" experience I was hoping for.

Bonsai12144337d ago

i would think Siren is pretty ridic. Dead space too. Has anyone played Fatal Frame 4? does it live up to FF2?

Eddie201014337d ago

I agree that Dead Space is the scariest and that nearly every other game mentioned in this article is scarier than Left 4 Dead. Not to say its a bad game but it is seriously overrated and is not scary at all.

badz1494337d ago (Edited 4337d ago )

I still haven't played SH: Homecoming but Siren is the only one remains as a "horror" game this generation! others are more into "action" game than horror! RE5 is not scary but Dead Space is and L4D is totally not scary! I know, I played it on PC and it's far from scary! if anybody is scared by L4D don't talk about playing Dead Space or Siren! those are what REAL horror is all about - at least for this gen!

Jaces4337d ago

Dead Space was one of those games where if it had nothing but the environment and the amazing sound, it would still be the scariest game this gen.

Blaze9294337d ago

Aw man for me- Siren: Blood Curse, FEAR 2 and definitely Dead Space

sparta764337d ago (Edited 4337d ago )

The scariest part about left 4 dead is paying $60 for that game!!!

Omegasyde4337d ago

Siren > Deadspace.

The game plays out like a Japanese Horror movie, but has multiple angles i.e. like Through Jason Vorhees mask right before he stabs someone.

Also in Siren, Ammo is hard to come by, and you can play the game from a FPS most of the time.

The Wood4337d ago

you win man. I thought i was the only one who who couldnt bring myself to clock it. It was like id have to get psyched myself up to jump back in. There were times when i only had a shovel and had to creep everywhere. Theres also a part where you control a little girl with NO weapons at all; It was like stealth without any tricks apart from hiding in cupboards and cubicles. Even the vision steal mechanic added tension.

Dead space follows Siren imo

JL4337d ago

You know, I had wondered about Siren before as well. I've been wanting a real good horror game recently. Reading all these comments on the game now makes me want to go get it, I think I'm going to have to make that my next download.

Poopface the 2nd4337d ago (Edited 4337d ago )

Outa what Ive played so far Id say dead space. I didnt really find it scary at all but the deaths were so gruesome that it made you not wanna die. Like when the last boss chomped you to pieces or when the little octopus looking thing would pop off your head and take over your body. I think that Isac had the worse deaths that a video game character ever had to go thru. Still, it was easy and I had no problem finishing it on the hardest difficulty, so I wasnt scared.

The first condemned was kinda creepy in a demented sorta way. I couldnt bear to play much of the second one tho, it was disappointing to me. FEAR and fear XP were kinda creepy when the ghosts would come up.

I dont really get scared at all in video games anymore tho. Ill have to try out Siren(when I get a ps3 someday) since people seem to like it. I hope its scary. As long as it doesnt try to startle you for cheap scares liek doom 3, as Im a not jumpy person at all. those cheap scares arnt effective. I like more of a scary atmosphere and demented weird enemies.

Chippie4337d ago

Dead Space is the scariest game this gen
No contest

Milky4337d ago (Edited 4337d ago )

This article fails. Siren: blood curse barely got a mention. It is definitely the scariest game this gen imo. I bet he didn't even play it.

Syronicus4336d ago

Condemned second. Siren is a solid third and all the rest... More action than scary.

gaffyh4336d ago

Siren or Dead Space, everything else isn't even remotely scary.

4336d ago
Syronicus4336d ago

Had to disagree with you. Siren is not crap, it is truly scary and the controls are crazy along with the characters and enemies you encounter... The game is in the realm of nightmares, right where a truly scary game should be.

Arthur_4336d ago (Edited 4336d ago )

But Dead Space is a great runner up, in my book.

Scariest Movie ever? Paranormal Activity. No question about it.

Scariest Woman Ever? Joan Collins. Terrifying, infact i'm pretty sure she's a zombie.

Scariest Commercial ever? The Orville Redenbaucher popcorn commmercial. CGI old man freaks me the hell out.

nycredude4336d ago

What are you guys a bunch of wusses? Deadspace was scary, for a while but it is more atmosphere than scary. You get too much firepower later in the game and it stops being scary. Condemned 2 bloodshot was more scarier. Fear and fear 2 was ok scary.

Just the demo of Siren is scarier than all other "scary" games out this gen! Obviously not many of you played. Word of advice if you want scary download Siren, play it by yourself with lights turned off at night and I challenge you to finish it!

edhe4336d ago

Condemned, hands down.

Dead space was gritty, chilling and tense but i was never freaked out by it as much as by condemned/2's mannequins or swimming pool.

Got a 360 and like a scare? play the first condemned.

y0haN4336d ago

You folks saying Dead Space is the scariest game ever need to install yourselves some S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

GameGambits4336d ago

As a whole package Dead Space wins. The fact is that you have to pay bit by bit for Siren don't you? That for me takes some of the immersion away if you had to wait for the next part as it was first released and so on.

Dead Space as a new IP proved you could move and shoot yet still feel like that Necromorph in front of you will rip you to shreds. The first time I died to a Brute in Dead Space or the first time I put the ripper against metal to hear the insane noise it makes is when I knew this game was more than the sum of its parts.

Dead Space = Masterpiece. Even if you are not a fan of survival horror you will still be a lover of how well done Dead Space is. I don't think I can say the same for Siren.

Jhun4336d ago

ROFL @ Hannah Montanna .

you actually made me LoL, and the worse part is its true.

Sarcasm4336d ago

Hannah Montana

I'm tellin you guys... it makes Dead Space and Siren look like child's play.

OGharryjoysticks4336d ago

Siren was actually scary. The rest of the horror games gave you the ability to do more damage and knowing my character is a badass that can bring it when need be takes the fear away. Siren (even though a remake) is the only game that produces genuine scares.

andron4336d ago (Edited 4336d ago )

Siren was scary, but Dead Space is absolutely the best scary game in along time. The great sound design and atmospheric graphics really make it an intense game.

Play it with headphones on, in the dark and, and it will get to you....

Edit: But most games these days aren't that scary. Could be that I'm getting old, and have seen so many horror movies LOL Condemned 2 is a 3rd good scary game, even if it's not in the same class as Dead Space or even Siren.

TheDarkCynic4336d ago

Am I the only person that was seriously unable to breath when, in Dead Space, Twinkle Twinle Little Star starts playing in the nursery?

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Lifewish4337d ago

Left 4 Dead scary, are you serious? What a joke...

Dead Space and FEAR 2 are the scariest you have in that list.

-Mezzo-4337d ago

Agreed Left 4 Dead is yet another Action Shooter/Horror like RE4&5.

Mr_Controversy4337d ago

Left 4 Dead 2 is a scary game if you OWN an Xbox 360. Just the Zombie sound effects gives you the chills. In fact, it's by far the scariest Zombie game even more so than any of the Resident Evil's. Just imagine a swarm of super-fast undead trying to eat your brains in a small room...breath-taking indeed.

This gen however, Dead Space is the King of Survival-Horror. Siren has the same crappy graphics as Silent Hill 2. Out of the 2 though, Silent Hill 2 is just far too scary.

If Siren wasn't labeled as a next-gen game, I would give it props but it's definitely a last-gen game with last-gen scares. That game is in the same league as the crappy Silent Hill Homecoming game.

cyberwaffles4337d ago

sure, Left 4 Dead is scary, especially when you have 3 other people loaded to the teeth with ammo just waiting in anticipation for the zombies to attack you in obvious hot spots on maps.


the only things sort of scary are the witches and the occasional jumping of those things that drag you towards them. the game isn't scary. it would be scarier if you were more deprived of ammo, but it's definitely not scary like silent hill or dead space.

Eddie201014337d ago

I can't take anyone that says Left 4 dead is the scariest game this gen seriously, I own the game and it is not scary at all. Its a co-op Serious Sam with Zombie skins on the enemies.

Give me a break, to say that Left 4 dead is scarier than the other games on this articles list is just silly.

Omegasyde4337d ago


You live up to your handle, Granted Dead space has better graphics, Siren is no slouch and definately not a PS2-era game.

If anything Left for Dead is using a old source engine.

nycredude4336d ago (Edited 4336d ago )

I'm not joking here but last night I played mass effect on a newly purchased, used first generation xbox I scored recently for three hours and the whole time I was hoping the RROD don't hit me. THAT was scary so I guess mass effect is the scariest game I've played this gen so far!

I'm not BS'ing!

BTW I went 3 hours and the 360 DIDN'T die on me. phew!

BTW game is great so far.

danielle0074336d ago

I know L4D isn't scary 98% of the time .. but when all your buddies are dead and you are the lone one left after taking down a tank, and it's down to you to get save them or get to the safe room, and you hear the hunter growls and smoker coughs and a witch going off in the distance, with the music, that shizz is creepy.

Those rare occurrences where it's down to you, things get scary, imo. But, I'm also a huge chicken.. so that + the pressure of surviving.. gets to me. hahah.

But those rare occurrences still don't warrant L4D being the scariest title this gen. and after all these comments saying how awesome siren is, i'm going to have to invest in that.

jerethdagryphon4336d ago

maybe i lack a fear response but i didnt find dead space scary at all
in fact other then one moment in half life which was surprise rather then fear i have never been scared of a game.

maybe im too calm

dead space was a fun shooter though

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Go Gaming Giant4337d ago

probably Dead Space or FEAR 2 for the scariest games, Left 4 Dead really didn't scare me that much

NotSoSilentBob4337d ago

I would say Dead Space is good but SIREN: Blood Curse still takes the title of scariest game this gen, SO FAR.

butterfinger4337d ago

Siren: Blood Curse! Siren should've definitely been on the list, because it is one of the few true horror titles that have released this gen.

Saaking4337d ago

The only game that has even surprised me is Dead Space. Other than that there hasn't been a really scary game.