Halo 3 new screenshots and details

New Halo 3 details:
-The first thing we'd like to clear up is something you've probably heard by now: the M6D pistol is back, complete with 2x scope. While the pistol is indeed in Halo 3, a forum post by Bungie's own Frankie states that the zoom blurb is an error and those responsible will be killed by ninja. Sorry, folks. No zoom!

-The story page confirms that the Elites have joined the Humans in the fight against both the Covenant and the Flood. Led by the Arbiter, the decision seems motivated by both revenge and responsibility. Being the former Supreme Commander of the Covenant, the decision for the Arbiter to lead seems like an obvious one.

-Of the human race, their population is described as "almost nothing." It almost makes you wonder just how much of humanity is Master Chief really fighting for.

-On the character page, the only one not sporting a silhouette is the Flood Gravemind. This could possibly be due to the natural enigma of the character, or to hint towards an evolution of its appearance.

-Keyes? Keyes? Miranda Keyes? Anyone? Huh. We know she'll be getting a new voice actress in the sequel (yay!) but to have her completely missing at this point is a little odd.

-The Needler weapon is still shown as being one-handed, though previous coverage has indicated it being a rifle this time around.

-Both the Pelican and its Covenant equivalent, the Phantom, are shown in the vehicles section of the site. This is nothing out of the ordinary, but last weeks update talked about a map that was the "the single largest multiplayer map" in the series. Almost makes you think that maybe we'll need better transportation.

-The two tank vehicles, the Scorpion and the Wraith are both without an image. Seeing as how they went underutilized in Halo 2, these two could possibly be up for a review.

-Finally, there is one title curiously missing from the games section. Halo: Combat Evolved for the PC. No love for Gearbox, Bungie?

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Satanas4192d ago

Good -- better source/article from before, and it's clearly newer than the one of the front page (10:05pm/Joystiq).

Unfortunately I'm a trainee so I cannot approve.

TheMART4192d ago

Old pictures though as far as I can see, right?

vidoardes4192d ago

I would hope they are old pictures... the character models look good, but the environments still look very last-gen simply with higher res textures layed over them... very flat and un-natural. If they are still alpha/beta photos the ok, mayby they will get worked on, but if they are not... disappointing to say the least

power of Green 4192d ago

LOL give it a rest guy the god dam game's releasing in 7 months. hahahaha...

vidoardes4192d ago

What is your problem? "Oh no, someone is bashing Halo, I must run to defense!" Grow up. I was merly stating that if these are new photo's then I am not impressed, and you shouldn't be either. Given that I don't soend my entire life trolling the internet for every piece of Halo 3 information, these could well be months old and I just haven't seen them yet. It's comments like that which is why no one takes you seriously

gta_cb4192d ago

i just want to play the demo :'(

JasonPC360PS3Wii4192d ago

I just wanna play the damn game.

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The story is too old to be commented.