Gameplanet: Fat Princess Review

Gameplanet writes: "There is a lot more to Fat Princess than it first seems, but in the end it is one of the most charming games I have played since LittleBigPlanet. Nevertheless, my concern is that its replayabilty may be limited for most players. The first few games will be a lot of fun, however unless you have a headset or a group of friends to play with, you may find yourself moving onto another game soon. Fat Princess simply has too few communication features for such a team focused game (not to mention no clan support). It also has quite a few bugs that can end up ruining a match - like when one team's princess completely disappears (yes, that happened). But in the end it is also a great game that is tons of fun.

Plus I have to give it special praise for having one of the best playable and hysterical game credits I have ever seen. Cake for all!"

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3388d ago
-Mezzo-3388d ago

Under-rated i would have given it a 9/10

deadreckoning6663387d ago

Everyone has different opinions of wats good man. Besides 7.5 ain't bad.