OXCGN 'Splosion Man Review – A complete 'cute' makeover


"Twisted Pixel has decided to treat us with a simple game with 'Splosion Man. They have taken a simple side-scrolling concept, a simple plot and one of the most simplistic button control system since the NES days – mixed it all together and have managed to produce a fantastic edition to the XBLA range."

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gaminoz3387d ago

I never really hear about these games before they are released but it's amazing how much I hear about XBLA games afterwards!

It's good to see innovation alive and kicking!

Superfragilistic3387d ago

This game rocks.

Congrats to indie devs Twisted Pixel who've released two killer titles full of character in just one year.

Can't wait to see what's next. :D

REALgamer3387d ago

Indie devs are thriving on Live Arcade and PSN.

'Splosion Man and Fat Princess both in the same month = pure awesome. Now if only World of Goo could be ported over....

Godem3386d ago

nice review although I don't think ill be buying it.

darkmurder3386d ago

Awesome game, love the Arnie references!