Gamespot - Hands on with Eye of Judgement for PS3

The Eye of Judgment has come a long way since it debuted at the Electronic Entertainment Expo last year as a cool tech demo built around a card game. Not only has the game been refined into something pretty cool, but the PlayStation 3 camera, now known as the PlayStation Eye, has also gotten a makeover. We had the chance to try out the latest work-in-progress version recently and have been impressed by how it's all coming together.

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consolewar4186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

one thing tho, how much it's going to be?

cam = $?
game = $60.00
cards = $?
Ps3with200GB and HDMI cable = $600-800?

Holy sh*t batman.

Anego:It`ll sell millions of units.
mainly in Japan. NOT AT THIS PRICE
Anego: and little kid`s who loves yu-gi-oh, will get their parents to get this for them for Xmas. YES, AND PARENTS WILL GIVE THEM A PSP OR DS INSTEAD
Anego:and Honestly MS has no answer for this. CORRECT, BUT A THAT PRICE HE MIGHT NOT NEED ONE
Anego:if you like it or not, ME LIKE IT
Anego: this game is a breakthru in gaming. YOU ARE CORRECT

techie4186d ago

the cam will be affordable as said in an interview. You won't bye the ps3 for one game, or the is something to add to the list of reason though. Eye of Judgment comes bundled with it also. I expect it to be $70 :)

Honeal2g4187d ago

only problem are the cheaters this game will probably be really sick offline, there are definetly gonna be cheaters out there who organise there decks and wat not but w/e ..... Touche Sony..Touche

Vojkan4187d ago

How will they cheat? By showing you middle finger? Lol

artman4186d ago

yeah.. just like what happened on XboX Live... isn't it?

Vojkan4187d ago

I think this will be so POPULAR in Japan. There are so many Anime shows where characters use some cards or something like it to summons creatures. Japanese are really into that. So yeah i think this is a "sleeper" even though it's not something that interest me

bigmack4187d ago

we have the same name =P

Violater4186d ago

This PS EYE is where Sony starts to Uproot the Wii.
There are a lot of rumblings about the fun games that are being made for it.

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The story is too old to be commented.