GamesRadar: Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Co-op Preview

GamesRadar writes: "We were able to choose from three different arenas: two from the Acolyte difficulty and one from Warrior difficulty. The two Acolyte arenas were just a mess of enemies that needed killing, with points awarded for combo chains, finishers, and insta-kills. Ninpo, the strong magic attacks from single player, are also included in co-op. Here, they can be combined, engaging both players in an even stronger attack. Meanwhile, the Warrior arena was pretty much the same as the Acolyte ones, except there was a boss fight to add to the challenge. We're hoping the rest of the Warrior arenas will also feature unique boss fights".

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A_Little_Girl3388d ago

i cant wait to play the full version of ninja gaiden 2

baraka0073388d ago

Yeah this will be a great game but I wish it had split screen.