The King Of Silicon Knights: Denis Dyack's Quest For A New Game Biz

St. Catharines, Ontario based developer Silicon Knights first revealed its ambitious Too Human at E3 back in 1994, as a 5-disc PlayStation epic. After the company signed on as a second party developer with Nintendo in 1998, the project was prototyped for a time on the GameCube, though never progressed past that stage, and after two games with Nintendo, the developer and the publisher went separate ways in 2004. Company president Denis Dyack told Gamasutra shortly after that time that he felt Silicon Knights had become "extremely well-rounded" at crafting story and game experiences "after working with Nintendo."

Just prior to E3 in 2005, the company revealed the Too Human project had shifted platforms once again and would be appearing as a trilogy on the Xbox 360 as part of a partnership with Microsoft. At the same time, Silicon Knights also announced a collaboration with Sega, though further details – including platform – have not yet been revealed.

E3 2006 saw events take a turn for the worse for the company, though, with a preview build of Too Human shown sharply criticized by some outlets for its camera and frame rate issues. Since that time, Dyack has been relatively quiet in regards to the game, but increasingly vocal about the development, publishing and marketing model that exists in the industry at this present time, suggesting that the marketing process – including reviews and advertising – should not begin until the game has been completed. Additionally, he believes, the preview process should be set back until the game is around two-thirds of the way into the development process.

Gamasutra spoke to Dyack at length recently, and asked about his views on video game narrative, his development and marketing proposal and his views on video game criticism. The in-depth interview begins after the jump.

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Anego Montoya FTMFW4241d ago (Edited 4241d ago )

Denis Dyack`s crazy.
5 disc epic. be quiet.
his games are OK.
Too Human might be great.
but i might not.
5 disc epic.haha
make a one disc epic first.

"Silicon Knights games aren`t like anything else."
There Ok if played em.
Eternal Darkness. OK, beside goin crazy, nothing new.
Legacy of Kain. C,mon it` was alright, but not much better than that.

@below below.
Leagcy of kain was on the PS.
PS or not.
I don`t like him.
it`s was a bit harsh callin him crazy.
i`ll change it overrated(in my opinion)
don`t get me wrong too human could be great.
i just don`t think anything he`s done SO FAR is that incredible.

omansteveo4241d ago

Silicon Knights makes great games that are unlike anything should resect this guy bc he knows what hes talking about.

hamburgerhill4241d ago

This guy has made many great games so what the heck are you talking about? I hate how some of you try and talk bad about anyone that is doing work on 360 as opposed to the PS3! He might seem a little emotional but calling him crazy is a little harsh don't you think!

BadTaste4241d ago

What makes his games so "incredible" is the story behind them -- Eternal Darkness for one. Also, whats to not like about Denis Dyack? "I don`t like him."