Capcom Teases A New Project That Will "BLOW YOUR MIND"

Coming via the Capcom Unity twitter feed was a bit of a tease for an upcoming, unannounced Capcom project.

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Stryfeno23388d ago

Capcom Vs SNK 3 please anything else is meh...

-Mezzo-3388d ago

Totally tired of the same old stuff.

Sonyslave33388d ago

Capcom vs DC vs Marvel and it rated M

Ninji3388d ago

It's by Crapcom so it will suck regardless. It won't blow anyone's mind and by now I think people should know that Capcom's announcements never live up to the hype (like calling a big announcement of a game just a port of Lost Planet and then calling another big game announcement which just ended up being Lost Planet 2). When they say it will blow your mind then it's not going to be in a good way.

Trey4Lyfe3388d ago

I love their games but I don't know what they could make that would blow my mind. unless it involves a naked Chun Li...

Trollimite3388d ago

marvel vs capcom 3!
street fighter 4 EX Alpha plus 3rd strike
monster hunter on ps3 and xbox

cyclindk3388d ago

Agreed, as long as her horribly disproportionately large thighs, knees, calves and feet are fixed...

Jaces3388d ago

Graphics that will "BLOW YOUR MIND"
Gameplay that will "BLOW YOUR MIND"
A new game that will "BLOW YOUR MIND"

My mind is in fact still in one piece so I doubt this will change anything. Impressed I may be but I doubt it would be anything close to mind blowing. ;D

RememberThe3573388d ago

It takes a lot to blow my desensitized mind.

ThanatosDMC3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

If only Megaman Legends 3 will come out. There's so many windows open for that game. Remember, when Sera(sp?) and Terra were telling Megaman that the "old technology" will awaken and stuff... also something about "Black Technology".

Or Monster Hunter 3G HD? <--- G so that they add all the missing monsters from MH3... they always do this.

NeoCloud3388d ago

I Hope its Onimusha 5 or Capcom Vs Snk 3 or Resident Evil 2 Remake for PS3,X360.

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GFahim3388d ago

Wii version of a GROUND UP Resident Evil game in the style of RE4 with the tension and atmosphere of RE2

Dragun6193388d ago

Hmm DMC 5 sounds nice but after playing the 4th one iono. What I would really like though is either

Onimusha 5
Viewtiful Joe 3
a new Breath of Fire
or another Okami.
Hopefully its not new FPS/TPS game.

Cwalat3388d ago

@johnny cullen

5 disagrees for "Devil May Cry 5 Plz..." ?!
Cut the dude some slack.. he might be a DMC fan wanting a continuation of his beloved franchise.

I agree totally, the only thing i want from Capcom right now is DMC... Hope they never publish another RE game, the last one killed it for me.

RememberThe3573388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

I'm pretty sure Viewtiful Joe wont get touched, and I'm positive Okami wont get touched either.

I think it has a lot to do with sales, but mostly that Capcom feels Clover was the only team that could make true sequels to those games. Since Clover doesn't exist anymore I think that basically seals the deal.

ThanatosDMC3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

No, i agree. DMC5 PULEEEASSSEE!!!

We all know it's the odd numbered sequels that are actually worth playing. DMC2 and DMC4 failed.

DMC2 failed cuz... well it's DMC2 and Lucia.
DMC4 failed cuz Dante wasnt the main character but a whiney b!tch Nero.

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