Destructoid: Fat Princess Review

Destructoid writes: "Fat Princess' charm and sense of humor prevails throughout, and it's backed up by a completely honest, simple, and thoroughly fun war game that contains not one pretentious bone in its body. It's a recommended buy, but that recommendation comes with a condition -- wait for the patch, and news that the patch has worked. Once you have that, this is worth your fifteen dollars, without question".

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A_Little_Girl3389d ago

at least some reviewers could see through the server problem and appreciate fat princess for what it is, a great well deserver AAA game

Greywulf3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

6/10 for this game is clearly BS.

Im just glad other sites grew out of it. Now its just a handful of trash sites like Edge/Euogamer/GamesRadar...

it used to be worse..

too much variety worse :)

Now you just look like an idiot when you pretend Eurogamer has its PS3 owners actual gaming choices in mind.

callahan093389d ago

Did anybody here read the CVG review yet? Talk about a disgrace to fair criticism. They marked it down because Sony doesn't package a headset with the console. They say the game lacks because not enough people communicate. It's utterly pathetic. Judge a game on what it does! It's not the game's fault if people aren't using headsets, and no, it doesn't hinder your ability to appreciate the game and have fun with it. I've played numerous matches of Fat Princess, and I've been on the losing team just as often as I've been on the winning team, often times being on a team where nobody is communicating. But I'm still having fun. That's what I notice. In fact, it's the only game I can think of where I still have fun, even when I'm losing.