EA "Anticipates" Hardware Price Cuts, Won't Speculate on When They'll Arrive

During a company conference call, Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello told analyst, investors and the media that he expects hardware price cuts, but would not offer any specific time frame on when he believed they'd arrive.

nterestingly, Riccitiello mentioned that he was under a non-disclosure-agreement with Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo, which allowed Electronic Arts to more accurately offer more accurate software sale guidance to analyst and investors.

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Saaking3386d ago

Perhaps the Wii and the PS3 will get Price cut. cutting the price of the 360 more would make it look pathetic. At this rate the 360 will be $99 in a year or so.

kaveti66163386d ago

Wow, I think if Microsoft made the 360 only $99, that would be such a great think. To have a next-generation console that only costs that much is not pathetic. What if Sony did that? I bet PS3 fanboys would shower Sony with praises. "Oh, Sony loves people." Microsoft would obviously do it for the money but 99 dollars is ridiculously cheap. Of course, most gamers would only but the more expensive version for the hard drive.

mrv3213386d ago

Well I anticipate the end of the world at some point, it probably will happen it's just when people who don't work for Sony say

PS3 slims out september 12th at 1:03 pm
WiiHD out August 14th at 6:45 am

doctorstrange3386d ago

Of course cuts are coming, we just want to know when

xztence3386d ago

then that shows how desperate they are and proves they're afraid of sony cathing up.

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