Third round of Unreal Tournament 3 'Make Something Unreal' Contest winners announced by Epic Games

Epic Games today announced the Phase 3 Winners of the $1 Million Intel Make Something Unreal Contest. The contest has been ongoing and is running through 4 phases up to a final judging. The competition encourages Mod Authors to come up with some creative Mods for the Unreal Tournament 3 PC game.

Various Unreal Tournament 3 Mod categories judged include:

Best First-Person Shooter (FPS) Game Mod
Best Non-FPS Game Mod
Best New Character / Customization Pack
Best Deathmatch or CTF Level
Best vCTF or Warfare Level
Best Level for a Game Mod
Best Machinima
Best New Weapon Set
Best Graphics in Map
Best Use of Physics

Download the Mods now, provided from links at the article.

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Pandamobile3388d ago

Holy crap yes.

The Unreal community delivers =D

poopsack3387d ago

unrelated to the contest, but i cant wait for halo conquest :) those guys are doing a pretty good job on that mod.

Double Toasted3387d ago

...wish their engine could do that...

iTzNath3387d ago

Didn't Blue Omega Come Runners Up Once?