MGU Review: Marksman Shooting

MGU writes: "The Olympics are full of various gruelling challenges, from the obvious marathon to the 100 metre sprint (well, I'd like to see you up against the world record holders).

Anyway, amongst the slightly lesser known, but by no-means any less skilful competitions on offer are the 10m Air Rifle and the Rapid Fire Pistol events, which are both emulated here in very close detail for your gaming pleasure. If you've ever had the desire to test your target practice skills, then you will be thoroughly delighted with Marksman Shooting.

With the 10m Air Rifle event you get to input your name and then select your country from the 15 available - alas the UK doesn't feature, though by practising here you could well be flying the flag as the next gold-winning champ! In terms of game play, you're presented with a zoomed-in target, which is clearly marked for your convenience. To the left of the screen you see your character (who appearance is the same regardless of your team/country). Most importantly of all, you'll see a cross-hair which floats like a drunken bumble-bee around the target. Through your controls of up, down, left and right, you are able to tempt this rather sluggish and non-compliant reticule in roughly the direction you desire."

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