MGU Review: BooKoo Motocross

MGU writes: "Nowadays, racing games tend to cater for the 'hardcore' market. With this I mean - car realism, customisation, detailed tracks and over-long races. BooKoo Motocross forgets about all of this and brings back old-school side-scrolling racing. No hard corners, no precision braking or hand-break turns and no multi-lap races. It's a simple obstacle-avoiding, straight line, start-to-finish race. If simplicity is what you want, then Bookoo Motocross could be the racing game for you.

There are no timed challenges or slalom trials, the focus is purely on the race. The aim is to finish in the top 3 places to continue on to the next track. Failure to do this results in game-over and the challenge to do the whole lot again from the start. There are only 10 tracks though, which may make the game sound a little short, but each track is a challenge, so multiple attempts is a given. It may sound annoying, but this is classic arcade game style. Back in the day there were no save points and failure meant starting from scratch, it was the norm in the gaming world.

The tracks are fairly short and tricky, and along the way you'll encounter bumps, ditches, other racers, tyres and barrels, all of which want to see you fall off your bike and fail. Luckily, you can move the bike up and down the four lanes to overtake opponents and move out of the way of obstacles. Timing it wrong can send you crashing into another bike or into the path of an unseen annoyance."

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