MGU Review: Fashion Week Live

MGU writes: "Fans of Ugly Betty will no doubt be able to see the similarities with that show and the kind of tasks and objectives of a game called Fashion Week Live.

It's a pretty varied game, in which you start as a newbie who has to establish trust from her employer. This is in order to keep your dream job as a fashion designer's assistant, as you prepare for Fashion Week. Talk about in at the deep end, you're thrust right into the middle of it all, as you not only have to succeed at various mini-games, but also try to pick the right thing to say to your boss when he presents various crises. He'll either be delighted by what you say and willing to run with it, or rip you to shreds in a very cat-like manner. Needless to say, should you fail in your tasks on too many occasions, you'll be back on the bread-line faster than you can say Gucci!"

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