MGU Review: Mobile Brain Trainer Plus

MGU writes: "If school wasn't (isn't) enough for you, perhaps you'd like to challenge your brain with some simple mathematics or logic and memory exercises on your mobile phone. Mobile Brain Trainer Plus is yet another brain game that likes to think it's training your brain up to an intelligent standard. Perhaps achieving a high score in such games can make you think you're an egg head, but it's more of a simple fact that perhaps mastering such games simply makes you good at the puzzles on offer. For instance, give me the controls to a Resident Evil game and I can dispose of those zombies fairly quickly and easily with a shotgun, but put me in the real life situation and no doubt I'll quiver in a corner somewhere.

This instalment into the brain game craze offers the standard run-of-the-mill exercises in numbers, memory and logic. As usual you have the training mode, which allows you to play though all of the tests on offer, or there's the competition mode, which puts these tests together and gives you an overall score. Although there are three levels of difficulty for each, there are only nine tests available. As you would probably agree that's not really enough by any brain testing standard, but for quick-fix brain testing, this could be forgiven if the games were good enough."

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