Sony's D-Day in the console wars

All signs point to a major offensive by Sony in the coming days and initial reports indicate it may be an offensive so massive as to turn the tide in the current console war. Mounting evidence in the past few months all seem to reveal an impending push by Sony to put their Playstation 3 console into more living rooms across the world then ever before.

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sunil3458d ago

D-Day it is. Might not be Aug 18, but TGS when the Slim is announced.

Dragun6193458d ago

Dude if Sony releases the PS3 slim with a $250 price tag along with that rumored Gran Turismo 5 09 release date then they got the Holiday season.

Plus if that catches on they can continue selling PS3 slims by timing their PS3 release dates right like White Knight Chronicles for January, M.A.G. for February, God of War for March, Final Fantasy XIII for April.
It would be like that major sales boost streak the PS3 got in Japan with Yukuza 3, White Knight Chronicles, RE:5.

Chubear3458d ago

I cant' see what would be so huge that MS can't counter to make sure they don't fall behind for Christmas sells. If it's a PS3 price cut it'll have to be a crazy drop to make MS think twice about dropping their price too low to compete.

Bonsai12143458d ago

you guys clearly don't understand the magnitude of Gran Turismo. of course, most of you guys were under the age of 10 when the third game came out, but this game basically sold 10 million units and moved tons of consoles.

Immortal Kaim3458d ago

WOW how original, relating this pathetic console war to a real life War scenario...

ActionBastard3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

I personally think the slim will be priced between $249 and $279. That alone = win.

EDIT: I also think it will get announced at TGS.

SnuggleBandit3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

personally if sony announces a slim i will be buying another ps3

on another note if the M$ drops its price again or releases a new version of the 360 to counter this move, then there will be no reason not to buy one...imo

sack_boi3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

This is what I think about this article

cmrbe3458d ago

its just Sony's push for the holiday season. The real turning point is when the PS3 is 199 and all its major games out.

Wii and x360 have already dealt their cards. Sony will eventually do and when that happens. It will be similar to what happened in previous 2 gens.

whoelse3458d ago

I think people are in danger of expecting too much. The best thing to do is sit and wait to see what (if anything) happens.

evrfighter3458d ago

Normally I would lol at the people who take offense when something is compared to a war or a battle. But this one is just plain stupid.

Mindboggle3458d ago

Your all dillusional if you think its gunna be priced at $249. It will be $299 and £200

fossilfern3458d ago

If they announce a slim i might just sell my PS3 and get the slimmer verson assuming its using the 45nm Fabrication anything to save money on the bill :D

SupaPlaya3458d ago

Sony released the PSP GO at a higher price than the original PSP, I think there is a possibility that only the old models would get a price cut, and that the slim may be launched at the same price as the current console. Not the best thing to do by any means, but by considering Sony's past track record, it is entirely possible.

I'm also leaning toward a $50 price cut instead of a $100 one.

butterfinger3458d ago

release the PS3 slim at $249.99. As great as it sounds, that would be ridiculous for them to do as they are consistently lowering the cost to make the PS3, but still not churning a profit. A $100 price drop will definitely get people's attention, and a lot of early adopters will go for the slim as well. However, if for some reason they drop the price to the same price as the PSPGo! (lol), I will definitely be picking one up as a gift for someone. Gran Turismo 5 and a $100 price drop will be world domination during the holiday season for Sony. Think of Gran Turismo as Sony's Halo (in terms of fans/sales).

I_am_rushin3458d ago

I disagreed because I don't think it will even be $299. $349 the cheapest, but most likely $399 bundled with Madden10 seeing how on the Blog Moore did a post about how EA Sports loves Sony.

Headshot813458d ago

Im buying a 2nd one for my living room. i wont give out his n4g user name(for obvious reasons) "Hey Joseph!, if you're reading this, can't wait for you to get the ps3,sh!t you'll get it cheaper than i did,just remember that i'll own you on Killzone 2 and U2 when it comes out, thats a fact,our clan will be reunited once again, see you on the darkside!"

gintoki7773458d ago

and final fantasy 13 versus o yes that will be dday

Allelujah003457d ago

I doubt that happening. Their flagship console is at the same price as the secondary PSP Go. Unless they reduce the price of the Go to 150 0r 170 range I don't see it happening. I don't see a PS3 being priced any lower than 299 at the end of the year.

Sarcasm3457d ago

So what makes everyone think it will even be $100?

What if it's $50?

RememberThe3573457d ago

50$ isn't a big enough number to really effect sales. It'd be nice for people already looking to get a PS3, but it wont attract new people. 100$ would do just that; attract new consumers.

skagrerrrr3457d ago

a shame to compare it to D-DAY

sloth4urluv3457d ago

"Console Wars"
Rally the fanboy armies.

Real War Vs. Console War.

JD_Shadow3457d ago (Edited 3457d ago )

@Chubear: Good luck to MS in doing that with only Halo ODST. As sexy as the trailers look, their other big hitter was SC:C, and that got pushed back (maybe because of guess who? MW2). So that ALONE puts Sony in a good spot because while Forza and Crackdown 2 will be decent, they don't have the power that SC:C has behind it right now. They needed that game, plus all the other games need some hype machines, because I've YET to see any (unless you count Dan Greenwald's foot-in-mouth disease about Forza 3). Then you count GT5 and Uncharted 2, and you got a recipe for Sony to kick some major ass this holiday.

@Immortal Kaim: It's cliched, but it could also BE the proverbial "D-Day" for Sony if they could pull this off. The ball is in their court, and now is the time to start attacking. They will make a profit even WITH a price cut now. They need more PS3s in more homes, and with a lot of stuff slated to happen, and with MS's own lineup weakening (see above) coupled with no big moves even speculated coming out of their camp (right now, of course, since we've seen that MS can be VERY sneaky with how they keep certain megatons close to their chest, see E3 2008), it could be Sony and Nintendo that will be on tap for a VERY good latter half of the year.

@I_am_rushin: I do disagree that the PS3 Slim will be priced HIGHER than $299 because it would logically be easier and cheaper to make.

However, that quote about Moore and the's ironic what kind of difference a year makes, right. Last year, we were shunning EA for a BUNCH of crap that they were throwing on the PS3. Now they are like the publishers that the PS3 needed to back them up. I'm can't wait to see the comparisons of Madden 10 when it comes out.

@sloth4urluv: I feel sad for that kid. I mean, someone actually BOUGHT him a POWER GLOVE!

bpac1234567893457d ago

Uncharted 2, Ratchet and clank, and Gran turismo 5(possibly) along with a ps3 slim, price drop, followed by god of war 3 = PS3 dominance.

But all blind fanboyism aside, Sony is in a position to turn the tides. All they need is everything I listed above along with a great marketing campaign and they will dominated this holdiday season. They have to remind people of the great games that are already out, such as, Killzone and Infamous. They could even make a Killzone bundle or advertise an upcoming God of War 3 bundle. There's so many marketing strategies that they could use inorder to put them in the lead. I want Uncharted 2, killzone, and GTA 5 to sell a lot. Not because I want to get on these forums and brag, but because I want more people to play with online. I want to be able to go on Killzone at any given time and see thousands of matches happening. All Sony needs is marketing and they could make this all possible.

Syronicus3457d ago

Plain and simple. I could care less about sales but watching the market explode due to these three simple actions by Sony would be pretty cool.

jack_burt0n3457d ago

I would kick the asses of the advertising department,

adverts that spell it out......

Bluray player, Built in HDD, Wifi, Free online gaming, bluetooth, motion controllers, lossless hd audio, hdmi, BDlive, home for the wife, AAA first and second party.

get to it!!!!!

GameForFame3457d ago (Edited 3457d ago )

I always hate seeing references like this, but I do think Sony is prepping themselves for some big moves. We all know the Slim is coming, big games coming out, price drop - hell GT5 is gonna drop and be HUGE. Sh*t is gonna get real towards the end of this year.

morganfell3457d ago

Someone doesn't grasp the selling power of Gran Turismo. 3 of the top 20 best selling console games of all time are GT titles.

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xztence3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

prepare yourselfs cuz sony is gonna take over.

Saaking3458d ago

fear, i can smell fear, The bots shall be left in ruins and crying!haha

3458d ago
Saaking3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

Down with the 360 and the Xbots! Good riddance.

EDIT: What about Mass Effect 2, Alan Wake, SCC? Huh, those got delayed right little bot.

TheMART3458d ago

@ Shaka


I will buy Halo: ODST, Forza 3 and L4D 2 for the 360, besides the multiplatformgames like Brutal Legend, Assassins Creed 2 and Modern Warfare II on the 360 because 98% of all multiplats run better on it.

For the PS3 I only see Uncharted 2 to buy for the rest of this year.

What the hell are you talking about dude. Its pretty dull with all the PS3 exclusives delayed into 2010...

xztence3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

yeah thats 2 DLC right there.

and ofcourse in xbots eyes there is only uncharted 2.
no demons souls, ratchet and clank, GT5, FF13(japan) MAG,.

ThatCanadianGuy3458d ago

Truly, Sony's stance are delivering absolute quality games and products has really shown throughout the years.

And filthy bots, the best is yet to come.

Repent your red ringed sins and join the PlayStation brotherhood.
For it is your only salvation.

FlipMode3458d ago

360 because 98% of all multiplats run better on it. --------link please

Anon19743458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

In fact, can't we verify that the majority of multiconsole titles reviewed in the last year in fact were deemed by the critics to either be the same or superior on the PS3? Oh, where's that link? we are.
I'd love to see his 98% evidence. Even opinion sites like Lens of Truth who do comparisons don't even come close to that with their limited comparisons.

All beside the point though. This article is about an impending price cut and what it would do to sales. Besides, it's clear from his post he's already made up his mind. This effects the tens of millions other gamers out there who haven't made a choice yet this gen. You know, like the majority in the US according to Neilson ratings who are still playing their PS2's and haven't decided to take the leap into this gen yet.

commodore643457d ago (Edited 3457d ago )

@ darkride.

That link you provided was written by YOU.
You are the lamest of the lame, you truly are.

What sort of peon would reinforce his own opinion with a link to his own opinion blog, like you just did?
Wait, don't answer... you'll probably give us another link to your opinion blog, right?

Honestly, darkie.
You have reached a new low.
I didn't think it was possible, but you managed to outdo yourself again.

Are you happy now that everyone can see what desperate spin tactics you have resorted to?

Obviously you are tired of researching facts which don't fit your agenda and instead prefer to submit your opinion as fact. Does that about cover it?

Contrary to your spin, here's the real evidence, based on detailed, impartial, objective apple vs apple comparisons, that show mutiplats have been, and are continuing to be, MUCH better on 360:


No need to thank me for helping you out with the real story.

El Botto3457d ago

Price cut followed by

Uncharted 2
Tekken 6

Modern Warfare 2

Gran Turismo 5 (hopefully)


God of war 3

Final Fantasy 13!!!

And so it begins. Look at the unrivalled line up. This is a line up to be feared by ANYONE. And any console that can produce such a line up is simply the KING OF ALL CONSOLES.


AngryTypingGuy3457d ago

@Shaka - "Sony is gonna continue to murder microsoft in the consoles wars world wide and B3yond!"...In order for the word "continue" to apply here, it would've had to have happened already. MS has been leading so far.

That being said, I predict the PS3 will pull ahead in sales. Whether they pass the 360 in total sales remains to be seen, and if they do it won't happen over night. There are many PS2 players that have been waiting for this day. Of course, judging by marketshare evidence, many PS2 players have switched sides into the Microsoft camp.

The price cut will give the PS3 momentum, and I expect if to outsell the 360 at least until Natal comes out or MS gives the 360 another price drop. Of course, it's all speculation. ODST could provide more momentum for the 360 than expected, not to mention Alan Wake, Splinter Cell and Natal could pack a big punch in 2010 for MS. One thing is for sure, when Sony lowers its price, things will get interesting.

rawd3457d ago


edgeofblade3457d ago

Not gonna happen. Sony has to fit the Cell, the RSX, and a Blu-ray drive in the system... and they won't do that with $250. Making it slim doesn't decrease their technology costs. If anything, it INCREASES it.

The only way they could skirt the Blu-ray issue and cut cost is by convincing their publishers to release digital. Most third-parties won't follow suit, Gamestop would declare war on Sony products, and Microsoft would reap the rewards of a faithful third-party for the rest of this gen and the next generation.

Sony built a flagship product but forgot the rest of the line. Now, they have to deal with the lack of wiggle room.

And once again, I expect to lose a bubble to my obsession with the truth...

da720izcumin3457d ago

It would very embarrassing otherwise, all that marketing and hyping, only to stay in third place...

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Ninver3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

There is no doubt the momentum is in Sony's favor and a price cut+slim+GT5+Uncharted2 will seal the deal. Also marketing will play a major roll so i hope Sony has their thinking caps on.

Hey i'm finally thinking of buying a 360 arcade and i want to know, do the newer models have a built in HDMI port?

darthv723458d ago

Short answer: yes.

Long answer: all 360 models have HDMI since end of 07 maybe early 08. sorry I can't recall the exact date. I think it was when the actual Arcade sku came out that it was the same across the board for HDMI. The internals are pretty much the same except for built in memory unit on the arcade that is not present on the pro/elite.

darthv723458d ago

I actually prefer this tight knit family of hardcore ps3 gamers we are. Do we really want snivilling little brats clogging the PSN like what they have done to live? If more casual people get onboard then sony will cave like MS and start making all sorts of casual games and the creativity behind titles like fat princess will be replaced with quick turn of the buck titles like space giraffe or band of bugs.

You hardcore ps3 fans need to go to your windows and open them up and scream to the world: I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore!

I welcome cost cutting and revisions to improve things but lets keep it real for the core audience only.

xztence3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

But Sony will always cater to the hardcore audience,unlike Nintendo, they have enough first party studios to do that.
And sony needs to make a profit too.

butterfinger3458d ago

always want your favorite console(s) to sell as many units as possible. More sales = more games and more dev support. The PS2 sold about a billion units last gen, and it definitely catered to both the hardcore and casual without a problem.

sloth4urluv3457d ago

You like most other people seem to forget that the video game industry is a BUISNESS, they are not making these games for you out of the kindness in their heart.

Of course if you are the alpha console your gonna get shovelware, but you will also get the high budget games too.

No company likes to make a high investment gamble if they dont expect a good return, thats why sales figures matter.

JD_Shadow3457d ago

You're right about it being a business. However, at the same time, some people in it are too MUCH in it, and forgetting about the people that got them there. That, and if you are kind to the gamers and are thinking about them, then the gamers will rewards you in kind. If you do things only for the money, then you're not going to GET that money.

Case in point: Bobby Kotick's line a month ago. He made it without any regard for how the gamers would think of his comments, and he seemed proud that he was looking out for himself and only himself. That is how you know when you're not thinking things through. I mean, even him saying something like "I know a lot of our fans and PS3 gamers might not like what we are saying, but...", but he never even did THAT. He might as well told everyone who asked "what about us?" to suck it!

So yeah, it IS a business, but the people you're trying to get money from are not that stupid, and they KNOW when they are being taken advantage of. Some people in the business DO give a sh!t about gamers (thank GOD), and DO make sure they are happy, because it's when WE gamers are happy that the BUSINESS flourishes.

sloth4urluv3457d ago

Yeah I agree, for the developers its not all about the money.
Even at my job I put in that extra effort to make my product better, not just because I want a raise, but because I have a certain pride in my work.

Investors are a different story, for them its more like " I will give you money if you make me even more money in return"

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keysy4203458d ago

seriously i havent heard anything about them everything is sony.

i know they over their at m$ watchin like these son of a b1tch's trying to take over the game market this year.

darthv723458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

kind of like at e3. It was surprising the stuff they announced having been able to keep the mouths closed of the internet gossip hounds. I been hearing rumors about a slim 360 that been in development before the rumors of the ps3 slim.

They are quiet indeed. Almost to quiet like they will try and steal sony's thunder by announcing theirs first. Making sony look like a follower instead of a leader. Bragging right if you will. they can say...we showed ours off first...we said it officially first.

That is....if they do anything to counter at all.

MaximusPrime3457d ago

ms is busy trying to fix their natel bug