PlayStation Beyond: Batman: Arkham Asylum PS3 Review

PlayStation Beyond writes: "We're going to keep this one short and sweet. Arkham Asylum is a terrifyingly addictive bat-bash through a psychotic world of DC villains and gothic architecture, separating itself quite superbly from the rest of the movie licence backwash with a pleasantly surprising comic book flavour that certainly leaves a fantastic taste in one's mouth. In short, this game is incredible, with a fast paced, superlative storyline that picks you up and never let's go. To say that we were not worried about this game when it was first announced would be lying to you, we were, and we can only digress now how very very wrong we were."

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-Mezzo-3451d ago

Damn good score, if this isn't fixed by the publishers.

Orange3451d ago

they gushed all over it. they don't mention the -1 point. not that score is the be all, end all, but i'd still like to know how they write that the game could well be among the best of 2009 and give it a "9". details!

jack_burt0n3451d ago

Mirrors alot of what the other reviews have said and adds a true classic, this game is certainly getting some love and i preordered it today for £20, nice.

yoghurt3451d ago

£20!? tell tell tell!

jack_burt0n3451d ago

go to

use hut10 when its in your trolley to get it down to £22

hurry limited offer.