Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Online multiplayer video

Nextgamer Writes: "We have a new online multiplayer video of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 from the last Comic Con. The game was playable in the EA gaming lounge."

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Delta3363d ago

Battlefield > CoD
I can't wait for the new one.

Delta3363d ago

And the parachute is back, hell yea. But there's no prone :(

donator3362d ago

Lame, at one point the three guys next to each other were sniping. BORING


Wasnt this game supposed to have 40 players online? In this video there are only 20. I know they are only testing the game but I most be sure!

davidrx73363d ago

Certainly 1st day purchase for me

bumnut3362d ago

ill buy it if it has more than 24 players.

24 players is not enough for a battlefield game.

W-k3363d ago

Just awesome! bring on the battlefield games bf:bc2 will have a spot on my shelf before mw2 will thats for sure.I'm addicted to Bf:bc so much fun even tho it has its flaws but so dose cod, hope they have ctf and clan support this time around.

forgot my password3362d ago

yea, it must have been running on ps2 hardware. thanks for noticing that

Gobot3362d ago

Looks like a early 360 game.

coolirisGB3362d ago

Bitter that they're playing the 360 version? Looks better than any FPS I'v seen.

forgot my password3362d ago

couldn't have said it better my self. looks like its running on ps2 hardware

forgot my password3362d ago

you ever see killzone2, crysis, cod4 or call of juarez loloool

Gobot3362d ago

No, I'm bitter that this games looks like sh*t, looks like it going to play like sh*t, looks boring, I'm bitter that they've managed to kill a franchise.

coolirisGB3362d ago

LOL You say it looks like sh*t and a early XBOX game. Your credidabliity is worthless. Sure Battlefield is known for boring gameplay


forgot my password3362d ago

are you saying that his vision is bad? that his eyes don't meet a certain criteria ? please elaborate how his credibility is worthless.

coolirisGB3362d ago

I thought I did when I mentioned how I was flabbergasted how somebody could think this could ever be done on last generation hardware, even the XBOX.

imec3362d ago

Dice has already stated that they are working on another Battlefield game for the "hardcore" audience. The frostbite engine may look somewhat bland in some areas (wide-open areas are my only complaint, the models look great except for that freaking rocket launcher), but I'm sure the engine will look beautiful on the PC.

talltony3362d ago

thats funny cause you basically just told everyone that you havent seen killzone 2 yet or crysis yet.

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The story is too old to be commented.