Shadow Complex - Creators Developer Diary video unveiled

Hot off the press is this new video featuring Cliff Bleszinski (Design Director of Epic Games), Donald Mustard (creative director of Chair Entertainment) and Peter David (Scriptwriter for Shadow Complex). Within the video, they talk through where the concepts and ideas came from for their much anticipated upcoming Xbox Live Arcade title, Shadow Complex.

The game returns to traditional 2D side scrolling action, and takes inspiration from both the Super Metroid and Castlevania titles in style. It will be releasing exclusively on Xbox Live Arcade on August 19th, and is expected to cost 1200 Microsoft Points.

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Sonyslave33389d ago

Damn this game look awesome $15 that a steal.

KionicWarlord2223389d ago

Cliffy b and Donald mustard were very enthusiastic .

Game does look fun though .

3389d ago