The Portable Gamer iPhone Review: Copter Kid

TPG says, "Probably everyone with a computer and internet access in the year 2000 (IN THE YEAR 2000!) remembers playing that addictive time waster Fly the Copter. If you don't remember it, it was what you were doing when you should have been doing something far more important. FIPLAB hope to rekindle that old gem with Copter Kid, and dare I say, it's as addicting, and as infuriating, as ever."

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roblef3360d ago

Great work on the Flight of the Conchords reference!

bgrundman3360d ago

This game used to really piss me off back in the day.

CrAppleton3360d ago

I can't recall ever playing this game..

wondroushippo3360d ago

Click the link to the video, it's a Conan reference. But it does work for Flight of the Conchords as well, so...ACCEPTABLE!

roblef3360d ago

I never cared for copter landing games. ick.

CrAppleton3360d ago

Looks neat.. albeit weird..