DGS-Online: Colin McRae DiRT 2 Impression

DGS-Online writes: "Colin McRae DiRT in 2008 was a somewhat risky change in. The core of this rallysport and the series that were inherently associated with solitary curves. A game where timing, just drifting and timely anticipation over the unpredictability of human resistance state. But with the advent of DiRT were still others were unexpected collisions and sudden end to this deliberate approach to a hairpin bend. As the Race Driver fans their hearts were fixed with GRID, so did the rally racers it with DiRT."

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DonCorneo3360d ago

Does everything still turn on a central pivot? Do the cars still feel floaty?

That's why I'm waiting for a demo before getting this one.

Daves3360d ago

the handling is awesome, do some digging man :)