GamePro Arcade: Rainbow Islands: Towering Adventure Review

GamePro Arcade writes: "With the success of Bubble Bobble Plus! on WiiWare, Taito thought that they would try their hand in revitalizing another series from way back in the day as well. Now if you are unfamiliar with Rainbow Island, its very similar to Bubble Bobble. While Square may have released the redone WiiWare bundle, Taito did the original arcade shooter with the two lovable dinos, Bub and Bob. They were cursed as human boys into being in those bodies, and after completing the quest in that bubble-blowing arcade adventure they went back to being human boys. This is where Rainbow Islands come into play. The boys have been forced to climb a Technicolor tower while defeating enemies with bright, magic rainbows instead of burping up bouncing bubbles. Taito wants to rejuvenate the series with its new title Rainbow Islands: Towering Adventure, but does it live up to its counterpart?"

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