Will the PSP Go be as successful as the previous versions before? gives the gamers a verdict on whether the PSP Go is worth it or not.

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FamilyGuy3415d ago (Edited 3415d ago )

Just face the facts
16Gbs says it all
Light and less bulky/noticeable in your pocket
blu-tooth connectivity

I was thinking 16Gbs isn't all that much at first but really, do you NEED to carry your ENTIRE psp library of games with you at all times? 5 games should be satisfactory and the rest of the space can be used for music, videos, photos or simply to have room for downloading something while you're out.

Not that I wouldn't want it to release for a lower price but it's definitely worth $250 when you break everything down. Best if you don't own a psp already.

Syronicus3415d ago

Size. Being able to put that thing in my pocket is what wins me over. The smaller the better. I love my PSP and will truly enjoy the smaller size that this PSP Go has to offer.

Rusco873415d ago

I had a PSP that I sold on about 18 months ago. when i bought it i though it was great but got bored of it because there was only a few games i fancied.

Im considering the PsP go, but i always like to have a hard copy of the game. 16gb will prob hold around 2 - 4 games with some videos and music. which seems good enough, as i agree with familyguy you will probably never take more than 3 games with you when you go on your travels with it.

and if your at home you will be able to swap and change when ever you want.

Does anyone know what happens if you see a UMD on sale in a shop that you want but its not on sale on sonys website. how do you go around transferring it or do you just have to pay sony all the time

table3415d ago

If I get round to buying a PSP(just for MGS really), it wont be the 'Go'. I'm sure alot of people will also feel the same way.

sagapo3415d ago

I prefer to have a game that I bought on a disk, cardridge,... whatever.
And I still don't know what you have to do with the games you own now from the PSP. Can you download them for free on the new one?

LostDjinn3414d ago

Before what?
Sorry I had too. :P
That headline makes no sense.

Silly Mammo3414d ago

I'm not digging the price point for the Go. I'm staying with my original PSP.

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The story is too old to be commented.