PSP Go! New Features Explained Interview

In an interview With Christian Product Manager for the PSP Go, it is revealed why Sony didn't add a second analog stick, and a touch screen.

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Ragamuffin693415d ago (Edited 3415d ago )

Thats damn difficult to hear at times but as far as i could could make out, it was so that previous software doesn't become irrelevant. Which makes little sense

Insomnia_843415d ago

makes little sense? are you serious?

Syronicus3415d ago

As much as I want a second thumb stick, I am more willing to have a new PSP that plays all of my old games and is made to keep things simple. It still looks to compete witht he current list of handheld consoles so there is nothing to cry about.

KarateExplosion3414d ago

PsP has been out for a while now. It is time to move forward with new tech. If you want to play your old games play it on your old psp. There is a reason why nintendo is the king of handhelds.

Sitdown3414d ago

why is Nintendo the king of handhelds?

iceman063414d ago

You want Sony to abandon $50 million loyal playstation portable owners for the wants of new adopters? That's NOT good business!!! Nintendo hasn't left it's owners in the lurch. Yes, it will add functions to it's handhelds, but NOT at the denial of others. Another "nub" would alienate prior owners of PSP and force developers to choose which version to develop for. It is NOT as simple as changing controls on a menu.

dreno3603411d ago (Edited 3411d ago )

look at sales for the DS and game boy advance...
also look at their is a new comer to the hand held arena and they are doing well...but Nintendo IS king... numbers don't lie. Even if it is kids and moms buying the games..those games and systems still sell!

Nintendo has out lasted a lot of hand may stick around..but Nintendo will remain king.