1,000,000 Downloads Of The VidZone Music Video Application

EU PlayStation Blog:

"Hi Everyone from the VidZone team

For any of you into numbers, we've got some great news…

VidZone has had over 1 million downloads and 100 million video streams on PS3.

That means over 1 million of you are enjoying thousands of music videos on your Playstation 3 with over 100 million videos watched. There are obviously some hardcore music video fans in the PlayStation community."

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Myst3415d ago

It would be even higher numbers if they would have released this in the states and localized it everywhere :(.

Anyway impressive numbers so far, just can't wait till I can try it out for myself.

Godmars2903415d ago

Another company has to come along and either do it themselves, or license the tech from the Vidzone guys.

Though isn't it free? Anyone in the US doing it is going to want a subscription at least.

Myst3415d ago

That is true their is money to be had from this so it would explain as to why it isn't here yet. I remember reading that it wouldn't be out at year's end, so hopefully maybe just maybe next year? Makes me wonder if Sony is already in talks with a few other companies as to how they can bring this about to other places.

Godmars2903415d ago

It confused at how it works exactly. Are you downloading vids or streaming them straight from the site? Are you getting an option to buy music as either a vid or audio file?

(Yes, I'm one of those people who are curious about, but since I'm in the US and don't have access to it, see no reason to do any research.)

whoelse3415d ago

It is a music video streaming service entirely free. However, there are adverts but only ones like you get on a webpage.

There is also the option to download them at a small cost for your phone.

Godmars2903415d ago

Yeah, sounds like Sony, or the Vidzone people, need to go the extra effort. Give people the option to DL music onto a PS3/PSP even if thy restrict it to that machine.

Maybe they plan on doing that down the line?

Dissidia3415d ago

Can the U.S get some VidZone?? DAMN!