iPhone Footprint Review: Fly with CopterKid on the iPhone

iPhone Footprint writes: "I'm feeling a little dizzy. I've been flying all over as CopterKid, and I bumped my copter hat into so many obstacles, it feels rather flat now.

There is a rather long-winded story about how the CopterKids, i.e., Calvin and Cassie, got their special copter hats. But I will skip that part since it doesn't concern us much. To carry the story and the game forward, we can be either Calvin or Cassie and fly around the world.

But it is not one joyous smooth ride, for there are evil aliens, scheming scientists and wicked skulls to deal with. The game controls are also very sensitive, so it is quite a slippery ride. You start out on a launch pad at sea, and you have to fly across the screen from left to right."

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grebulon3360d ago

I like this..somehow reminds me of the whole series of comics where Calvin (from Calvin and Hobbes) is eagerly waiting for his beanie, convinced it will let him fly.