Microsoft Expects More Regular Xbox 360 Updates Going Forward

G4 writes:

"When Microsoft unveiled the New Xbox Experience last year, it also promised an infrastructure that would allow it to deliver more regular updates to the dashboard. That…never happened. It's been nearly a year since the dashboard has seen any new features, but I recently chatted with Xbox Live chief of staff Steve Willet, who told me the team has spent much of the past year ensuring that's not an issue in the future and why Microsoft was cautious about new updates.

"When you make a transition like we did last year," explained Willet over the phone last week, "where you're really trying to fundamentally overhaul the way people had come to experience the device they had purchased, we were maybe, in retrospect, a bit overly cautious about how much change or increment we would do shortly after that release."

It's not like the Xbox Live team wasn't immediately aware of issues that needed to be addressed or features that would make sense in the short term, but the completely revamped dashboard look spooked them from tinkering too much, he claimed."

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KionicWarlord2223389d ago

The first wave of updates drops on August 11th. Any requests for the future?