Final Fantasy XIV Classes Named

Square Enix has finally put some names to the images by announcing the new titles of some of the races in Final Fantasy XIV.

While similar in appearance to their Final Fantasy XI counterparts, the main races in Final Fantasy XIV will have different names and slightly different appearances.

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foxtheory3362d ago

I never played Final Fantasy XI, and I don't really play MMO's, but this may actually be good. I'll just have to see some gameplay, which will ultimately be the deciding factor.

And does anyone know when this comes out? I think it's 2010, but I'm not quite sure...

Blasphemy3362d ago

Yeah it's 2010 but that's all we have as far as release date. It won't come before FF XIII so I am thinking anytime after summer of 2010 next year.

Cwalat3362d ago

Can someone explain how the gameplay will be?
..and if this is only online...? thx

GamerMan3362d ago

This game will be a MMORPG which will only be online. No details if they will do the normal monthly charge from SOE but my suspicion is that there will be. Hopefully to my suprise this won't have a monthly fee.

Cwalat3362d ago

Gamerman @

Thanks... Thought the game would be like White Knight Chronicles.
But i guess it's only online... Will there still be a storyline or is it simply random missions with your online friends?

GamerMan3362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

If anything like FFXI there will be a solid storyline that is happening while you are in the world of that game. It just depends on how the mechanics are how much of it you follow and how many side missions you do for your characters own growth. I enjoyed all the Bastok missions and how the war was going and meeting Cid. It was really fun. Not only could you play with your Friends you definitely met alot of other great people.

Although there is always your grievers of any online game. Hopefully that is also limited form the experience of FFXI they have gathered.

Cwalat3362d ago

@ gamerman

I've never played FFXI and i don't plan to either...
To you still recommend this game for those seeking a deep story?

GamerMan3362d ago

Unless you specifically like getting broken away form the story for several days. I would not actually recommend it. It doesn't have the flow of GTA, MGS, or UC for story. Although it is a good sandbox of an RPG, FFXIII is most likely to keep you in the story more than with a MMORPG. Unless you have fun playing your buddies online as I do.

himdeel3362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

...I'm very interested in playing this game. I just wonder what the Elvaan and Mithra are called now. They are the only two races not mentioned on this site.

I'm also hoping their is more customization to the gear. Sure it's cool seeing a bunch of PLD in AF2 or recognizing a job from a distance. But recognizing someone specifically would be nice especially if you could have some distinct features that you can add, change use or adjust to make tweaks to your respective pieces of gear.

Myst3362d ago

@himdeel: It would be funny if they weren't in there, funny enough to make me cry some serious tears as now I'm hanging on a thread wondering what Elvaan are going to be called and if they will be changed as well.

I would also agree that the story is good, but it is not a start stop type of story (start it, stop and do some quests then start it again). It seems more like a start, lengthy stop then start again. Being that you have to raise your level to higher values, get good equipment before embarking then find the person and start again. Was really a MMO that kept your mind at work and hoping for the same in XIV.

meepmoopmeep3362d ago

yeah i've never played an MMORPG

but they said XIV will have a solo part if you don't want to mingle and group up
that's pretty awesome, it's like an SP and MP game in one depending what you want

anyway, i'm not a big fan of ridiculously hard to pronounce class names o_O

Panthers3362d ago

Once you get going with others, you wont want to play alone.

Alvadr3362d ago

How to play an MMO

1) Quit your job
2) Divorce your wife, and/or, ditch the girlfriend
3) Become a fanboy
4) Either get your friends to join in, or ditch them as you wont be seeing them anymore.
5) Sell all your other games (you wont have time to play them).
6) Now your ready to spend the rest of your life playing an MMO

Immortal Kaim3362d ago

Alvadr LOL, nice summary of the complications when playing an MMO.

I have only ever played one MMO (Well and PSO back in the day), and that was FFXI. I played for maybe 2 months, but soon released other things in my life were seriously being neglected (fiancee and University) and put a stop to it.

These games are complete life wasters, you can spend months playing and you have done essentially nothing... No thanks.

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GamerMan3362d ago

I mean really when has any game from SE ever released to the states the same year it is supposed to release. localization alone will make it 6 months form Japan's official release or am I missing something that hasn't been historically proven to be true with the release of SE games?

I am looking forward to this game and hope the game dynamics are much improved to the slow 2 year slug fest to get a level 75 character that it took me in FFXI. Anyone that played FFXI knows what I'm talking about even with great Clan/Guild support.

Myst3362d ago

Thankfully they said leveling system is out and is more so on personal character growth so no longer will we have to do that long grind to 75 and grind the other class to 37. Also they said they would do a world wide release at the same time thankfully, and perhaps may be released next year though near the summer time (hopefully?)

I to am eagerly awaiting this game, not just for the lack of the leveling system, but Final Fantasy XI was pretty darn good I'm going to be expecting the same for Final Fantasy XIV.

GamerMan3362d ago

I have not heard about this new system, that is very interesting news. You wouldn't happen to have the link to that information that I had missed about this game. I remember the E3 press conference and they did say next year but I'm always skeptical but if so I will be happy because I am looking forward to this game.

Even though FFXI was a grind I did enjoy the game and had plenty of fun with it.

Myst3362d ago

Yep sure do, I remember reading it somewhere, but had forgotten where until I clicked inside my head that it was in an interview.

"Final Fantasy XIV revolves around character growth. There will be no experience points or leveling system this time around, and a new system will come in to play. Square Enix wants to deliver an experience where new players have the freedom to try out any quest and many different things, growing naturally from their experiences."


I'm just as skeptical as well, but being that this game was announced back in 2005. I'm hoping that they won't push it back anymore at least they shouldn't need to I'd hope.

GamerMan3362d ago

There will still have to be a "level system" or there wouldn't be the ability to determine how much that "growth" has been, but I'm willing to try it out regardless. I moved to FFXI from EQOA and EQOA:Frontiers to have something different. Let's hope they do succeed with this different style of dynamics and we see growth in the MMORPG realm. Although I still like my level grinding session once in awhile :D

Myst3362d ago

I wonder if the battle system will be reminiscent to last remnant in some way, shape or form. You don't get Experience points per say, but your character gains more HP, Strength, Charm (I think?) etc. I'm wondering if they will do it that way, but even so it doesn't make much sense (at least to me, since I never fully understood remnants battle system. As it seems like I'm getting experience points even though I'm not).

Yep :D, hopefully this no leveling thing will be a nice change of pace. I feel as if I may really like this one, because of the lack of levels, but also still feel that people will have to grind like no tomorrow to still get somewhere in the game. Here's hoping that they don't take the easy road and still make it all about team-play, but still with some leeway for those who prefer to solo some of the time.

Prototype3362d ago

The leveling was a big pain however it at least kept some of the newer players out of trying to do the ZM8 fight against the Archduke or Promethia final fight.

I'm assuming its gonna be more merit-based rather than just straight level, I would play 14 more than 11 if that was the case to at least build something MY way.

My big concern is how they will do the death penalty, losing 10% exp (althought it was changed to 8% in an update level 25+ and all mission fights didn't penalize you) was a big piss-off.

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PS360WII3362d ago

More info now! ;)

I've played FFXI for such a long time heck I still have my character. Interesting how the changed the names of the races and classes. Who would want to be a fighter if you could be a Sorcerer ^^

meepmoopmeep3362d ago

i'm not liking the names, i doubt i could even remember how to pronounce them after a day.

yeah, i really need to get into MMORPG's.
my friend was trying to get me into them but i've never really wanted to.

PS360WII3362d ago

Yeah they are fun but they tend to steal all your free time... and claimed time for that matter o.0

Saaking3362d ago

Why the hell do you announce XIV before even releasing XIII. Square Enix and Activision are tied for most milking done this generation.

Shadow Man3362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

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presto7173362d ago

I was actually hoping they would show off versus XIII instead. Instead they jumped to XIV. Then to make it worse, they said it would be an mmo. This is XI all over again.

FFXI sucked.

Saaking3362d ago

Shadow man I don't understand what your reply meant? I said this generation and you listed a lot of games that aren't in this generation. Beside my main problem is that they announce FF XIV before even finishing FF XIII. Like Presto said they should have talked about Versus XIII and maybe even Agito XIII.

Doton073362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

FX3 is already finish, is coming out this year in Japan.

Not all FF games are the same.

Obama3362d ago

No wonder Shadow man has 2 bubbles..he doesn't even know what you are trying to say.

Miraak82 3362d ago

its just the way square is . i remember when ff8 came out, they were already revealing info or at least images and such about 9, 10 and 11. Everyone is always criticizing SE about everything but the moment 13 comes out they WILL BE back on top wether we all like it or NOT... then vs and 14 and hopefully KH3 will come out . Shlt i won't be surprised if they have 15 in development already or at least in the planning stages

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Tony P3362d ago

Geez SE, take it easy on the impossible names. I already had enough grief typing San d'Oria and Vana'diel. Don't even get me started on Mithra names.

One wonders why they didn't just design all new races if they were going to set the game elsewhere and change everything about them?

PS360WII3362d ago

ah you were from Sandy! Windurst ftw!

Prototype3362d ago

I remember Dynamis Jeuno with the funny Goblin NM's and Dynamis Beaudecine (Bordbox Kittycarrier...) we'd wipe but at least go down lauging because Dhalmelneck did 10000+ damage between all players

I did give props to the Yagudo names though, those were some hard core mobs

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