AppVee: Zombies Vs. Sheep Review

Clickgamer has put out a ton of applications in the app store, but Zombies vs. Sheep is definitely one of their more successful creations. In this game, your task is to shoot down crazy zombie/skeleton creatures while moving your sheep out of harm's way. The concept is simple, but throw into the mix accelerometer controls and you have a challenging experience for both casual and hardcore gamers.

The game has a sort of Western feel to it, with its solo guitar music, hilly scenery with cactus plants and cowboy hats on the skeletons. The visuals are unique in that the characters and scenery appear to be simple cardboard cutouts. Everything is 2D, yet the artistic design makes it look beautiful and feel just right to go along with the theme.The only issue here is that the scenery stays the same throughout the game. You'll always see that same cactus and those same hills.

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