Why Numbers Can Be Misleading

Koku Gamer writes: "I'll get game sales out of the way first. A certain number of people among the gaming community look upon sales as a way to critique the quality of the game. Disagree or not it has been done in the past and will more than likely continue in the future. This is absolutely ludicrous; to say a game is better than the other simply because it sold more does not mean that it's a better game, just more appealing to a larger demographic. Let's look at movies for an example of this.

The 5 Highest Grossing Movies Of 2004 in order were first Shrek 2, Spiderman 2, The Passion Of The Christ, Meet The Fockers and The Incredibles. Take into account other movies like Harry Potter and The Prisoner Of Azkaban, Shark Tale, I Robot and National Treasure and you can see that 2004 was a stellar year for Hollywood. However my personal favourite, and critics tend to agree also, was Million Dollar Baby. It won countless amounts of awards and was praised by many as the best film of the year. Yet Million Dollar Baby only managed 23rd in the Box Office list of 2004. Why so?"

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Elven63389d ago

Like I always say, mainstream gamers care about the games, not the size, performance, etc.

WengYong3389d ago

Agree, like this Fat Princess debacle. Some reviewers have given it a low score, hasn't stopped gamers from enjoying it. Worry less about numbers and more about having fun. In my experience numbers are never fun.

a_squirrel3389d ago

Mmm, I wanna play battletoads now :)

meepmoopmeep3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

this website should be BANNED from N4G!


WengYong3389d ago

Battletoads FTW!!! Still one of my fave games. I still havent finished it though

cherrypie3388d ago

"Fat Princess debacle. Some reviewers have given it a low score, hasn't stopped gamers from enjoying it."

That's really odd. Because the problem is that you cant play the game because of the technical problems.

Ziriux3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

@ meep,

Which site do you write for. I've noticed most that say something bad about the site and a specific article write for someone else.

Also there is a ton of sites that are a tad worse.

meepmoopmeep3388d ago

uhh... relax mate, i was kidding.

alot of mentally challenged children on n4g always play the numbers game.
so do all the stock market players on n4g

the article was awesome and a good read.
we need more logical sites like this.

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Gue13389d ago

This is a really good article for the poor silly xbots. Now go and read it if you know how to... =D

A HiFi3389d ago

Games and films will always be associated with numbers unfortunately. But if you enjoy the game, just keep on playing it and be happy as the article says. =)

Ziriux3389d ago

I'm glad to see that Games have beaten both music and movies in sales. Games innovate movies and music don't anymore.

Silver3603388d ago

How does more popular not equal better? What makes a few critics or gamers opinions better than the rest of humanity? Shoot if people continue to buy something it has quality and value. The more people that buy it the better the quality, Millions of pieces of crap are not sold without perceived value. And it is just opinion in the end, But when you have multi-millions of people on one side and a few hundred thousand on the other which side is right?

Saaking3389d ago

Exactly sales is not equal to quality.

a_squirrel3389d ago

wow, 3 disagrees?

Fanboys anyone?

The Wood3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

wi fit is the best game of ALL time........twits

Just like spiderman 3 was WAAAAY beter than 'the departed'

the point is sales alone DO NOT equate to quality with it or at least have the balls to prove the guy wrong

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