GameSpot: Resonance of Fate First Impressions

Tri-Ace, the team behind Star Ocean, Valkyrie Profile, and Infinite Undiscovery, has forgone its usual publishing partner Square Enix and has instead partnered with Sega to bring you Resonance of Fate. The Japanese role-playing game is set in an enthralling city full of vile hoodlums, mysterious heroes and intricate machines.

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A_Little_Girl3389d ago

this is going to be a really great game, too bad it won't score higher than an 8.5

Gue13389d ago

Scores are for casual gamers, real gamers already know the games they want. If you believe more in a number than on your own taste then you don't even deserve to be called a gamer. So, fuk scores.

I just used scores to argue with fanboys on the open zone but that does not change my perception of the game.

Lifewish3389d ago

game is looking good, thanks for the impressions

maderako3389d ago

I really want this game. I hope to comes with spanish translation!