Kutaragi and Sony: What Went Wrong.

So what happened to the Father of the PlayStation? To say Kutaragi was pushed out because of the PS3 isn't seeing the full picture. Yes, PS3 is costing Sony quite a bit right now (still a far cry from the $5 billion Microsoft has lost on the Xbox platform over the past few years), but you're expected to recoup these costs as hardware prices come down and software sales go up.

No, the real problem was that Kutaragi was a fantastic engineer, not executive. He had little interest in the politics that came with the job. This is why Kaz Hirai took his place.

But in all of this hubbub surrounding his departure, what's perhaps been overlooked is that this may have been what Kutaragi had also wanted. As he once told Newsweek, "We have so many things to create, but unfortunately for me I have a lot of responsibility right now...This was not in my dream."

With the PS3, Kutaragi delivered perhaps the ultimate games and entertainment machine - what remains to be seen is if this is what the world actually wants. But to say that he's ended his career in shame - Kutaragi deserves better than that. He was more than just the father of the PlayStation, he was in a lot of ways the father of modern gaming.

Maybe Kutaragi will actually just take it easy for a change: "My first dream...was to retire when I was 50." Now, six years past the age of 50, he's done this.

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techie4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

No bigmac. Bloody read it. This is a good read, I recommend it as a fan of Kutiragi. I HATE WHEN PEOPLE JUST READ THE TITLE. I was even kind enough to summarise it above, yet nope...don't read it. Frustrating. Shouldn't bother really.

techie4191d ago

Aw i love how themart approved this thinking it's a negative article. :) It really is a good read people, don't read my the actuall thing.

Satanas4191d ago

Good read -- the points talked of seem very valid. A particularly good statement:

"Kutaragi was a fantastic engineer, not executive. He had little interest in the politics that came with the job. This is why Kaz Hirai took his place."

Very explanatory, highly minuscule negativity.

snoop_dizzle4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

He was a good engineer and dreamer. I think a fatal flaw was letting him be a spokesman that was all. I think a lot of people didn't recognize his genius because of that.

I have to admit, after hearing some of the stuff he said, i did think he was crazy. But he still was a good dude.

But then again, many times a person who revolutionizes something, or creates something isn't always as normal as the average person, and sometimes they do apear to be crazy.

Gibsie4191d ago

Nice to read something nice about this guy.

Good Article

nice_cuppa4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

i thought ken and sony were doing fine !

yes ken went a bit loony tunes with the press but thats not really his job !
yes ps3 has had a slow start !

its not that bad !

playstation will be fine !
i think we all know its not gonna run away with it like last time !
but ninty didnt do too well in there last 2 gen but look at them now !

i say good luck ken !

now back to the games !

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