Games censorship: Crytek threatens to leave Germany

Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli confirms to that the game developer Crytek is going to leave Germany if action based games are banned by law. "A ban on action games in Germany is concerning because it is essentially like banning the German artists that create them. If the German creative community cant effectively participate in one of the most important cultural mediums of our future, will we be forced to relocate to other countries.", Crytek's CEO told

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Shortstop3387d ago

Ve Germans are not a varlike people, but even ve have our limits!

Cwalat3387d ago

He makes a very good point!

Hope they move outta their and move to a country which supports these genious minds.

BattleAxe3387d ago

I think they should relocate to Vancouver, Canada. We like game devs out here.

Sub4Dis3387d ago

I thought the Germans were trying to distance themselves from fascism?

Adolf Hitler3387d ago

Yeah what a bunch of Nazis.

Hobadoon3387d ago

If you were making a joke on Slant 6, then I high 5 you.

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It is the home of Hitler....they wouldn't want another one of those

cyborg69713387d ago

Hitler is from Austria. Not Germany.

Syronicus3387d ago (Edited 3387d ago )

Come on, everybody knows he was from Austria. Sure his home was in Germany during WWII but that does not make him a true German. He was and will always be a douche bag.

And for the record, comments like that make me wonder about folks here.

fossilfern3387d ago

But Austria was Annexed by Germany so he kind of has a point.

morganfell3387d ago (Edited 3387d ago )

You mean Hitler WAS...unless you has some Boys from Brazil thing happening.

EDIT: And it is the point. After all, you threw down the accuracy glove.

cyborg69713387d ago

Not the point he said Hitler was from Germany.

Elven63387d ago

People like you give gamers and I assume you are from America so Americans a bad name in society.

And that is to you personally, not your avatar,

PLAYSTATIONGENRATION3387d ago (Edited 3387d ago )

We need a sarcasm button ...besides I said home which is not where u are from its where u are were u live not all the time were you were born


You should be able to say what you want to say and make any kind of game you want...ANY

Tsalagi3387d ago (Edited 3387d ago )

Because if someone acts/says something stupid he has to be American. >>

Generalizing a whole country as ignorant and taking a "better than them" attitude is no better than what the joke the guy you're arguing against did.

evildeli3387d ago

Nothing bad ever came out of Germany.


Last ting i care about is you.......comments

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Kiroe3387d ago

Yup, no ragdoll physics in Germany. It is against the law.

cyborg69713387d ago

Accuracy glove nice. Boys from Brazil that's a scary thought a bunch of little Hitlers running around.


And germany was home for him...besides i don't agree wit censorship of anynkind even that rape game i wouldn't buy it or even wish they would make it or play it but its your right to do so .....besides someone would buy it dosent justify it just I am a Free America kinda guy (or to a extent)

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