New Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Screenshots

"These were a nice surprise today, some brand new screens from Naughty Dog's upcoming sequel to it's blockbuster Uncharted. I don't know if you guys have seen these yet but we hadn't so we are giving them to you, this game looks awesome I am thinking GOY is going to be really hard this year. My favorite shot out of this pack is the one with Drake in the snow with that look in his eyes that says I will not give up."

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Natsu X FairyTail3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

looks great I like the guy with the half burned face

and on the 3rd page where you see drake getting shot @ by the Chopper is Sweet.

kapedkrusader3363d ago

...Toy Story graphics just got spanked!!!

Natsu X FairyTail3363d ago

I dont really like to compare human like characters graphics with cartoonish ones but I do see where you're coming from.

ps:dont forget toy story 2 is like 8years old!!!

LarVanian3363d ago

That guy is Lazarevic. The main villain of Uncharted 2.

Natsu X FairyTail3363d ago

thanks 4 the info , he looks mad!!!!!!!!!!!

Boody-Bandit3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )


IronAva3363d ago

The pics make me wanna do this...

DarkMantrid3363d ago

This game is gonna be so awesome. Can't wait!

HolaTarola3363d ago

You know that a game is going to rock when a xbox fanboy like "FairyTail" accept that the game indeed is going to rock ^^

Erotic Sheep3363d ago

@ 1.6

Bubbles for that rofl. That song is 10/10 XD

Cwalat3363d ago

[email protected]

haha lol, that one will never get old.. =)

Ontopic, Uncharted 2 is confirmed for GOTY... the critics perordered the awards for Naughtydog lol :_P

SevWolf3363d ago

@ hola:
@ fairytale: I agree you cant compare realistic graphics to cartoony, but we all know that Ratchet and Clank are getting really clos, if not reached, to the graphical equality of Toy Story
As for UC2, Drake's model looks amazing great work ND :D.....but arent these from the trailer ?

2Spock3363d ago

Brings a tear to my eye...Game is going to be on a different level.

FamilyGuy3363d ago

If that's^ not CGI then screw GOTY, this titles getting the Game Of This Gen award!

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ToastyMcNibbles3363d ago

good lord this game is such a feast for the eyes and let it be noted that although some of the screenshots are from cutscenes they are still actual in-game visuals...i know the first game had pre-rendered cutscenes with the exception of the character models but for this sequel everything is rendered all in-game and nothing is pre-rendered for all the naysayers out there

nycredude3363d ago

Uncharted cutscenes were NOT prerendered. they were all created using in game assets.

ToastyMcNibbles3363d ago

i stand corrected then.. either way this is easily the best looking game on any console and i think that is something a lot of people can agree with

nycredude3363d ago

np. Just trying to props to Uncharted. That game was one of if not the best I've played and no doubt 2 will sear your retinas!!! Can't wait!

shadow27973363d ago

Actually, no, Drake's Fortune was pre-rendered in-engine. In-engine does not mean in-game. Very few games have in-game cutscenes. Not that there's anything wrong with in-engine, but there are more resources available.

It's at the bottom. Now whether Among Thieves will follow the same tradition or not, I don't know, but I hope it does. I don't want to have to watch a loading screen for a cutscene. I don't mind it in MGS4, but I like the seamless experience the first Uncharted was. If there's no loading screens, it is prerendered, but that doesn't mean it's not using in-game assets.

Though judging from most screens, it's hard to believe that Drake's pores are being rendered while you're running around looking at the back of his head.

CypHisBacK3363d ago

that goes for all games people claim that it's game is AAA. after this game people should know the difference between a AAA game from a AA game.

It's action packed but it's not over dramatic like every shot is a head shot.

It's adventuress and it does not hold your hand.

after this 09 game 2010 games should be on it's level or higher to become a AAA game.

Whoooop3363d ago

Uncharted cut-scenes were made with in-game engine, but they were pre-rendered.

They were touched up a bit first...

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The Wood3363d ago

I want it ALL. U2 seems like its gunna deliver

CypHisBacK3363d ago

sound and presentation. any game can look good with great gameplay and story, but if the sound and presentation is horrible then the game is great(8) at best.

Hercules3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

some more U2 news!!! cant wait until Aug 19th...see you guys online

edit: these are not new!!!! THIS IS NOT COOL!! - Nathan

seriously its just shots from the trailer

-Mezzo-3363d ago

This game is a real ball buster.