Six Gaming Console Ports/Holes That Never Really Went Anywhere

Crispy Gamer writes:

"Almost every console in history has featured a not-so-secret panel that hid a not-so-hidden port (or ports). What were these panels/ports designed for? Well, for the most part, we'll never really know, since almost every one of these panels/ports went unused during the console's lifecycle. They were no doubt designed for some plug-in or memory add-on that never got plugged in or added on; in the end, all they did was collect dust and cat/dog hair and hope.

Yes, hope.

We recently opened the CG Vault, and dragged our ancient consoles into the light, to revisit these long-lost ports/holes/portholes that turned out to not be windows into another world."

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SuperStrokey11233388d ago

Not sure but i think he may have missed some obvious answers like teh GC had a broadband add on released and a regular dial up one as well so thats all the ports there.

That being said it was amazing how sega almost always used their ports lol