Is Battlefield 1943 in Need of a Major Update?

It is very rare that DLC games come along that are as good as BF 1943. Arguably the best downloadable game of this generation, BF 1943 stormed on the scene and everyone had to get their hands on it. The developers knew this was the case and left the Air Superiority mode hidden until 43 million kills were reached on your respective console. This created a ton of buzz and people flocked to help unlock it. The Coral Sea Challenge was a rousing success. Awesome. So, now what?

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DelbertGrady3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

Haven't even bothered with Air superiority mode. Sounds boring to only be able to use planes.

The game needs more levels and a team deathmatch mode. Give me 3 more and I'll play it forever.

drunkpandas3388d ago

I think the current maps are fine. I don't play Air Superiority since I suck at flying, but I still enjoy playing the other 3 maps. I think a new game mode would go a long way to adding to the game. Adding a map might not be the best use of the developer's time since Bad Company 2 is coming out in the not too distant future.

RAM MAGNUMS3388d ago

So now you play the game !

fiercescuba3388d ago

That was deep, thanks. :)

The game does need some changes to make it last more than a few months.

McCullster3388d ago

Definitely agree. I usually play BF: 1943 for about an hour or so, then put it away for a week or so. It's great for that time span, and it even felt great to kill someone for a common goal (another map). It could use a few updates.....

drunkpandas3388d ago

Yeah I played a lot when it was first released, but now I only play sparingly every week.

Nastrious0073388d ago

Don't necessarily think it needs a major update. But an update of some sort would definitely go a long way. A map at night would be pretty cool, especially seeing all the explosions and air fights occurring.

drunkpandas3388d ago

That would be really cool. Just drop night variants on all the included maps. It would really change the gameplay, especially with sniping across the maps and sneaking up on places.

caseh3388d ago

Seeing as BF1943 just feels like a slim version of BF1942 (But with new game engine, destructible scenery etc) it wouldn't kill them to unleash some of the campaigns from this game. Battleaxe and Battle of the Bulge would be ideal.

I have a horrible feeling some DLC will be just over the horizon...

drunkpandas3388d ago

It shouldn't be too hard to port some of the older maps over. I'd say another 2 maps would give much more replayability. Maybe another game mode other than Conquest too.

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The story is too old to be commented.