Splosion Man Review by Gametrailers

Are you buying a hot title, or just getting burned?

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Natsu X FairyTail4384d ago

great game for XBLA and a very good score to.

DelbertGrady4384d ago (Edited 4384d ago )

A truly good game. Pure quality at it's finest. Not like Fat Princess that got different ratings across the board.

Natsu X FairyTail4384d ago

dont say this you'll make them angry! I said that Fat princess received a good score(7.5/10) not GREAT but good and they were angry at me because I havent played the game! such douches

DelbertGrady4384d ago (Edited 4384d ago )

That's because most of them are deluded and psychotic. Fat Princess is probably a great game, just not as good as they think. If it doesn't get nothing but praise from all ritics they get disappointed. They care more about reviews than they care about games. They go around thinking everything that is exclusive to the PS3 is flawless and perfect. And that's why they get disappointed over and over again.

Just like they think the PS3 is going to 'win' this holiday eventhough the 360 has outsold the PS3 both hardware- and softwarewise by a wide margin for the past two holidays. It's funny that they never learn =)

Last year Gears 2 outsold Motorstorm 2, Resistance 2 and LBP combined. This year they more or less only have Uncharted 2 and they are still seriously convinced that the PS3 will crush the 360.

It will be fun to watch, just like it was last year and the year before that.

Nelson M4384d ago

Called SpunkExplosion Man