Top 10 Playstation 3 missteps

It's quite apparent that the Playstation 3 has had a rocky ride since its launch. Here are ten steps in which Sony could possibly learn from regarding the PS3.

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Inasid4241d ago (Edited 4241d ago )

It sounds like this story came from the Mart's personal blog. Just kidding.

Mentions errors that plan to be or already corrected. Just like any console, no one can get things right the first time around. You can't please everyone.

kingofps34241d ago

More like a hater site.

Firewire4241d ago

This is clearly from an xbot fanboy look at some of the complaints,
spiderman font, no HDMI cables & blu-ray. That outta tell you enough.
They can't make one half decent complaint and back it up, which tells you something about the intelligence of xbots in general!

sloth4urluv4241d ago

"no one can get things right the first time around."

Isnt this the 3rd time around?

BubblesDAVERAGE4241d ago

1. Who complains about the font of a system?(not me)
2.Rumble most people don't realize its gone, also its is comming if u have that problem.
3.HD cables are getting cheaper and cheaper buy the month if u have 600 bucks to spend on a HD console imp pretty sure 15 bucks for some HD cable wont break you.
4.Wii factor ( Play if for a months and its no longer fun)
5.2 Skus wasnt a good idea
6.Online,online that has been solved with home and the psn network is okay how it is now.As long as I can go online and play games thats what matters.
7.360's Perfect Dark Zero, Call of Duty 2, Kameo: Elements of Power, and Project Gotham...Only maybe COD2..yet when was Kameo anything spectacular and the crapfest called Perfect Dark.PGR was okay but just as good as full auto.
8.Blu Ray was a sound business move I dont know far as gamers go but sony has always did new formats(cd-dvd-bluray) why not try this new one with most major studio support.The bigger question is Why still to a smaller medium, then lets pull out thoes floppy disc
9.If I hear that price thing again then you must comapre wat you get vs other systems.(right)
I skipped one because who cares about that other one

Rooted_Dust4241d ago

This is not a problem for me. How many people have an HDMI port on their tv's? When I got the PS2 I was pissed because I had to go out and buy the RF-adapter because my tv didn't have AV jacks. Same with the PS3, if it had come with only HDMI I would have had to go out and buy the Component cables.

WilliamRLBaker4241d ago

1.I complain about font if its a stupid font that really wasn't needed, they could have easily gone with a different font, but once you look at it, atleast for me. You think oh...its the spider man makes me think this system like the movie will suck...

2.Most people dont realize its gone? then why did most magazines remark on the lack of rumble when they first got their hands on a ps3?

3.Its not a matter of cheap, No wait it is if HD cables are so cheap sony could have easily included them in the box, They Ran their mouths saying Oh we are the only ones that have TRUE HIGH def, and yet dont even offer the abbility to play that High def out of the box...

4.Wii gets boring? really? i've had it for what 2-3 months now? and i've not put it down, infact it serves as my main net browser when im playing games so i can get tips and post on websites while i play, and write my reviews while i play, and write game guides at game faqs while i play....and the games, I have 4 friends whom have a wii and me being the only one with a big fat HD TV we get together and play wii play, wii sports, wario ware smoothmoves..ect its fun as hell!

you statements starting to fall apart, But never the less, Graphics, sound, do not a game make, oh maybe you young people cant live with out pretty graphics, but I remember playing card games, and D&D and a good game is a good game no matter what medium it is on, And floppies? I mean come on do you seriously believe that game markers are going to make bigger worlds with blu ray? they didn't when we upgraded from nes carts to snes carts, they didn't when we upgraded from cd's to dvds, the games stayed the same they just got better looking and with more CGI on them, Most of the games that take up half of 25 gigs on a blu ray have hours and hours and hours of cgi.

Oh and Price? what do i get? for 600 dollars I get blu ray which I dont want not only doesn't my tv support 1080p, my sound system doesn't support hdmi, Im not into movies much so HD MOVIES? who needs em DVDS are fine for me, Card reader? what gamer is really gonna use this? seriously can you tell me what gamer will ever get around to using this? I didn't even use xbox music mixer on my original xbox and it let me transfer pics from my computer.

Face it ps3 offers all this stuff that pretty much has no baring upon games, and for that the stuff will get phased out, Ps2? i link rememeber that port? it was phased out cause so lil games used it, The HDD it was phased out....

Face it the ps3 is not worth 600 dollars and thats a simple fact, And it makes me mad cause i want the system but I refuse to pay that much for a system, I just barely saved up for the 360 and wii, id take me atleast 7 months to save up for the ps3, and i could be buying games with that money.

sabbath4204241d ago

You are so clouded by sony. You don't care what they do wrong and will defend it till the day you die. You and the other hard core sony fans may not mind getting shafted all those ways but the average not hardcore game player does not c it that way. All the crap plus a high price tag. Plenty of people felt the gameplay and graphics of the launch titles for 360 were enough of a leap to the next gen. and went with it.

Bigmac5734241d ago

The consoles crap out after 3 days LAWL!

WilliamRLBaker4241d ago

Actually its 360 gamers play their games and then wait for repair, ps3 blu ray movies and hope a good game comes out for them to play....oh and they run folding...

power of Green 4241d ago

You guys are lucky no one cares about the PS3 or this thread would be full of Sony haters bashing PS3 but you can see this is not a 60-100 post thread because no one cares about PS3 Sometimes i wish that were true in the 360's case.

achira4241d ago

why should someone be interested in bullsh!t articels, we had enough of them. we are gamers, why should we bother with this crap ? another reason is ps3 gamers play their console, xbox360 gamers wait for a repair.

techie4241d ago (Edited 4241d ago )

Well that was...ironic POG. Very.

"but you can see this is not a 60-100 post thread" - aw damn is a 60-100 post. (this last bit is not why what POG said is ironic)

specialguest4241d ago (Edited 4241d ago )

I think you forgot this tag at the end of your sentence POG: </sarcasm>

hulk_bash19874241d ago

Ryt so i guess thats y ur on this thread bashing the PS3 huh. U must really not give a damn. hipocrite

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snoop_dizzle4241d ago

really people just don't let off the PS3 and 360.

THAMMER14241d ago (Edited 4241d ago )

I think PS3 fans have much larger hate for the 360 than 360 fans have for the PS3. Just look at the way, and what they post. They must be little kids or just very sheltered.

weekapaugh4241d ago (Edited 4241d ago )

"I think PS3 fans have much larger hate for the 360 than 360 fans have for the PS3."

maybe trying to make that point on a negative PS3 article thread posted by an x-kiddie wasn't the best choice.

Raist4241d ago

"I think PS3 fans have much larger hate for the 360 than 360 fans have for the PS3"

Dude, that's a joke right ?

Look at the average bashing and trolling in the PS3 section, and in the 360 one.

specialguest4241d ago

Seriously, where were you back when every news article bad or good about the PS3 was invaded by 360fanboys hating on everything Sony? The only reason why it has dramatically slowed down is soley due to the new speech bubble and report system.

You gotta be delusional to believe that PS3 fanboys are causing far more trouble on the 360 section, vs the other way around.

WilliamRLBaker4241d ago

Actually its about even in hate, and trouble caused, it wasn't all ways that way back when the 360 first came out the sony fanboys were much worse cause you had all the ps2 generation in their as well.

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