VideoGamer: Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll Preview

Super Monkey Ball and its sequel were two of the best games on Nintendo's Wii-predecessor, equally loved by the Nintendo fanboy horde and the post, or pre pub crowd. The core mechanic – tilt the game world to move a ball into a goal – worked, and the main game courses and mini-games spawned hundreds of impressive speed runs and stunts on YouTube.

Then, SEGA dropped the proverbial Super Monkey ball, with a number of handheld ports and curious home console updates (the less said about Super Monkey Ball Adventure the better) serving only to quash early enthusiasm for the series. 2006's solid Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz on Wii went some way to addressing the situation, but it is with Super Monkey Ball: Step & Roll, due out on Wii early next year, that SEGA hopes to return the series to its former glory.

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