My Console is Cooler Than Your Console

PlaystationLifestyle: In this generation of gaming consoles, it's common for them to be packing some serious technical power under their hood. Such processing power generates a large amount of heat. When putting in long hours in a serious gaming session, the risk of overheating is always a primary concern.

Third party accessory manufacturers have tried to come up with cooling solutions, such as Nyko's Intercooler which is available for both the PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. But the general consensus is that these console attachments can do more harm to your console than good, and they can be quite noisy.

We've found a silent but effective alternative that can help keep your console cool, even in these hot summer months.

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Lifewish3388d ago

i might have to pick that up, especially since its not breaking the bank.

Sev3388d ago

Yeah $13 is bad at all. The fan is seriously silent once you install it, you wont even know it's there.

nycredude3388d ago

How do we install this on the Ps3 or the 360? Looks like we have to open the system or else have it on the outside, which looks retarded.

RockmanII73388d ago

It's USB port, so I guess you plug it in... then put it under your system? Second part was a guess but thats what I'm thinking. Please correct me if I'm wrong, though.

--joshua--3388d ago

but a buddy of mine has his 360 on a Laptop cooler, surrounded by 2 small fans. I can't say that this is the reason why, but it has yet to overheat.

Lifewish3388d ago

thats an interesting setup

nycredude3388d ago

That must look very ghetto. I am about to buy a 360 (very cheap deal). Will I have to do this to keep it from RRODing?


I have never had my 360 hooked up to any fan or any other cooling system.

Just keep clean, well aired and it should be fine. Never had RROD trouble and i sometimes go for long gaming sessions 6 - 7 hours at a time. weekends sometimes i will play from like 9-10 at night, till 3-4am, sometimes 5am.

pure pwnage243388d ago

its amazing, theres never been a console thats needed to grow through all that hassle before

NegativeCreepWA3388d ago

Lay it horizontally, most of the air comes through the bottom and it also prevents disc scratching.

nycredude3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

I'm now a proud dual console owner.

For those who care (probably no one) I bag me a first generation xbox 360, 20gb with fable 2, halo 3, madden 07, and topspin 2 for $100. Looks to be in good condition and works out of the box. I am a bit concerned for the rrod but I figure if I keep it cool I should be fine. I already bought a Nikko fan for the rear. Any advice will be appreciated!

Bummer it doesn't have the hdmi port but I have it hooked up to my bedroom tv, which is only 720p anyway so no biggy.

StalkingSilence3386d ago

congrats nycredude, lemme know how you like it.

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MetalGearBear 3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

PS3 new model has more cool than original PS3.
also it better than cheap360. one time i played cheap360 after ten minutes, cheap360 becomes hot!!!!

rukia_chan3388d ago

.___.......___......___....._ __
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...ONLY POSSIBLE ON THE ChatBox 360!!! ;-D

Shadow Man3388d ago

got mixup using his multiple accounts.
Stupid Droid

I reporting you.

cmrbe3388d ago

then you girls must be Barbie.

pure pwnage243388d ago

nope not needed, my ps3 is doing just fine and it looks like and plays like it was just out of the box and it'll reach the young age of 2 this december.

but for an xbox 360 its a different story, even if you play it in cold hurricane winds it'll still die on you :P

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