About That PlayStation 3 Price Cut in Two Weeks

Predicting PlayStation 3 price drops is at this point a bit like buying up every lottery ticket in the universe before playing. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. The chances that Sony won't eventually whack a chunk of change off its price tag are of course scientifically zero, so it's all down to guessing, guessing again, then guessing again until you've got it right. Right?

Right, except for the part where you annoy the public to the point they understandably bite the hand off and feed it back to you. No one likes to be jerked around. Stand up. Sit down. Stand up. Sit down. You know the procedure. It's not exactly like the Homeland Security Advisory System, but there are trace similarities.

Thus: If these breaking rumors in the Telegraph about a slimmed up PS3 and corresponding price cut to be announced at the upcoming mid-August games convention in Cologne, Germany are accurate, it won't be a coup so much as inevitably accurate prognostication.

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wiggles3363d ago

That the PS3 will get a price drop between now and 2012.... I love how these sites just push the date back two weeks and have some sort of 99.9% trustworthy inside person to confirm it...just to have their date pushed back by two weeks.

Beast_Master3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

That is all they are at this point is predictions. They already annouced a price cut at E3 they just didn't say when. Seems like they wanted one in OCT were the PSP go sales would soften the blow of a Price cut, but seeing how slow sales have been the last couple months we may see one sooner than expected.

DrWan3363d ago

is hurting the PS3 sale.

Isis063363d ago

they never planed it...
but now they will have to do it.

nycredude3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

Yeah this is pretty retarded now. I predict Sony will lower the Ps3 price.... eventually. Maybe I should start a blog, twitter, facebook, newsgroup, advertise in th times, and start a website.

RAM MAGNUMS3363d ago

"Even a broken clock is right twice a day"

That started here on n4g. 1 guy said it and it was so awesome that everyone wanted to use it and it was good.

Every month they start price drop rumors. EVERY MONTH.
If I were a bargain hunter searching thru the internet for p$3 deals I would have never bought one because it seems like everyone knows there is a price drop and im the only one that doesnt know about it.
Then it never happens and all I see is articles about how sony hates customers and they hate money because they are greedy bastards. that doesnt even make sence!

Hee Hee !

harrisk9543363d ago

In a nutshell (from the article):

"The truth is that Sony's done reasonably well despite those intuitively unfavorable price-point odds, selling some 24 million units worldwide since November 2006. Stack that against the Xbox 360,
sitting at around 31 million worldwide since November 2005.

It's important when you're matching numbers--for those that care probably more than they should about this stuff--to remember that Microsoft had a full year lead. It's easy to forget that, 3-4 years along. Depending on your vantage, Sony's PS3 has actually sold more units in an aggregate period-to-period (32 vs. 44 months) comparison. However you draw up the math, the company is holding third place with grace, behind their primary competitor in worldwide unit sales by a notable span, but certainly not an unreasonable one."