Rape games become Platinum games for one Japanese company

Destructoid writes... The controversy over Japan's ... specialist ... gaming media continues following the RapeLay madness, with retailers and developers doing whatever they can to appear more clean and wholesome. Take, for example, PC download site BGameBox, a Japanese distributor known for its interactive erotic delights. It's found one way to sell rape games without fear of reprisal, by simply calling rape something else.

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DelbertGrady3389d ago

"Rape games are now being sold under the "Platinum" category, which certainly sounds more refreshing and family-friendly. Meanwhile, the old "Sexual Training" category has now become the "Thoroughbred Category," which sounds even more derogatory, if you ask me."

Wtf is wrong with Japanese culture? Why not go with 'surprise sex' or the more direct 'SWAFI - she was asking for it'?

-Mezzo-3389d ago

LOL that 'SWAFI - she was asking for it'? cracked me up.

DelbertGrady3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

Looks like I angered 4 rape supporters...

Sorry if I offended your pro-rape views.

AngryTypingGuy3388d ago

They should incorporate rape in American games. Like Fat Princess for instance. Why enable the b!tch by feeding her. Rape is the perfect way to burn the calories off her.*

*The preceding comment was sarcasm, as AngryTypingGuy often likes to use. AngryTypingGuy does not endorse rape in any shape or form whatsoever, except for the continued raping of the PS3 by the Xbox 360.

ZOMBIEMAN13388d ago

you can always count on at least 1 retard fanboy to bring console wars to articles which have absolutely nothing to do with PS3 & 360

thedukeofkna3388d ago

POOH BEAR GOT CORNHOLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AngryTypingGuy3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

You're right Zombieman. Mooey down below should be ashamed. And you Zombieman should lighten up and learn what sarcasm is. I think you're mad that you didn't come up with that line first. Retard.

The Killer3388d ago

when they wear skirts and mini and tiny and tightly and shorty etc

when ever i leave my home i see womens under wear,bra's, g-strings, nipples, sometimes vagina's shape(camel foot) etc and they expect all men to behave?????

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Gun_Senshi3389d ago

lol rapelay is not even a rape game

SKUD3388d ago

Thanks for the tip bro!. Good thing I red that before I clicked "Submit order!". Bastards!.

DevilWillCry2893389d ago

those japanese devs need to get a life and stop making those kind of games for pervs. it influence some idiots that its ok to rape.

MK_Red3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

Does Mario influence people to jump on animals? Does Gears of War influence people that chainsawing other people in half is ok?

3389d ago
thedukeofkna3389d ago

So you just want to censor everything you don't agree with? Who are you to say what we can see and play in video games? I think it's lame that nowadays, if it hurts someones feelings it has to be done away with. Maybe you don't like the idea of "rapelay" and all these other games, but can't you just...not play them??

double_heist3389d ago

by that logic: western games influence people that murdering, stealing, cutting people in half are ok.

both parties are guilty of promoting violence or the sort.

Kamikaze1353389d ago

They've developed a game that's gone platinum. I'd say they have a pretty good life right about now, lmao. Just because you, or many people people don't agree with the theme they're working with, doesn't mean they're doing bad =P

mt3389d ago

so devs make those games to invest money just like western invest money with violent.
so it s up to you to what to play and what to not play .

Sitdown3389d ago

really sit through some psychology classes and case studies.

Poopface the 2nd3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

I cant believe you people think this is good. It cant be good. Just the thought of rape makes me angry.

what will you say when someone gets raped and the person who did it trys to blame these rape games(at least the media will try). It will probably happen. Every day we hear about how doom or GTA supposedly inspired crime. How will it look when non gamers hear taht games might inspire rape.

If anything this will just bring more of a stigma on video games. If you cant see this your kinda blind.

I bet you wouldnt be so supportive if this was a game about guys getting raped in prison. Anyone who plays this game probably has never seen a vage, and this wont help their chances.

Edit-- Im not saying that it WILL inspire Rape, It is just one more thing for games to be used as a scape goat.

thedukeofkna3389d ago

Do you liberals actually live in a bleeding heart?? If Japan wants rape games, who are you to deny them that? no one cares about your feelings.

Baka-akaB3389d ago

LAME indeed , with that kind of fear of media bashing , we'd only be playing super mario .

Of course that is until some brain dead kid decides it's usefull to choke on mushrooms , as they help grow , or eat toxic flowers as they let you breath fire ...

It's not as if wii sports games are blamed for tennis elbows and other injuries right ?

We should burn books too , they are the reasons communism ravaged the world !!

RememberThe3573389d ago

People making actually smart, thoughtful, comments are the ones with the most disagrees.

This is not about censoring anything you paranoid bastards. This is voicing an opinion about something you don't like.

So let me explain this to you:
In our society it is considered OK to kill someone who is trying to kill you. That is why we can play games like Gears or Killzone. Because they are war zones, were people are trying to kill each other.

This is just a wrong as games like Postal where the goal of the game is to brutally murder random people. You sick f*cks think that portraying rape as a good thing is OK.

cmrbe3388d ago

No one is saying at least in this thread is saying Rape is good. However, dictating what people should see or think is not good imo.

People have brains to think or see or not see what they want or don't want.

Its like that stupid petition to ban Hiphop gamer from posting on N4G. I think that HipHop gamer articles are mostly trash but its not to some people. I don't have the right nor does anyone else to ban what others like.

Its really simple, if you don't like, don't look and keep out of it.

THE BIAS3388d ago

You people are fuking sick. There are some lines that should not be crossed. By your guys logic, we should also have a game where you can play with children, because some twisted freaks like that. Rape is a fuking sick thing and some of you guys are twisted. It shouldn't be allowed

THE BIAS3388d ago

Nobody should like rape. That's why this game shouldn't even exist

MEsoJD3388d ago

There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.

- Shakespeare

cmrbe3388d ago

off course no one should like rape, offcourse no one should like killing, offcourse no one should like snuf porn etc etc but the question is, do we as induviduals or as a group has the right to deny it to others because of our personal preference or morals based on how we see things?. Are we Gods?. Some people once said said no one should like Jews. Some people said no one should like gays and some people even said no one should like gameing. What i am saying is that people should be allowed to be given the choice to think and do whatever they like. This is where personal responsibility comes in. It should be applied universally and not just on what we like but also on what we think is not right.

Uzesgelen_Goo3388d ago

playing rape game is not a bad thing especilly if you're over 18y/o
but doing rape in real life is wrong we all know so what's wrong with the game? tsk tsk.

Viper73388d ago

Although I do like the idea of freedom for games to provide entertainment as freely as possible there are just some borders that should not be crossed. Its not bad if rape is presented in similar way that its in some American films for example, but if they start to make raping simulators thats way beyond the line.

Honestly I think its only the best if game developers try to avoid these subjects like child porn, raping, Schoolshootings (or other massacres), recent wars or religion. These are things that strongly touch human opinions and emotions especially for those who have experienced it in some way in the past or present.

THE BIAS3388d ago

Sorry, this isn't talking about if someone doesn't agree with being a gay or a jew. This is about not agreeing with rape. There's no 2 ways about it, its wrong. I mean, are you seriously saying that if a game was released and was about 'playing' with children, would you seriously say "well some people will like that so you can't say they shouldn't have it"? Because i believe thats the reasoning you're taking. And you like most of the people who have commented on here are disgusting people. How could you ever defend something like this

Sitdown3388d ago

"However, dictating what people should see or think is not good imo."

So from birth, would you be okay with your kids watching videos of women being raped or brutal killings?

Sylar3388d ago

wow so true... a lot of people think that caring about what other play is a form of arrogance and restriction of your freedom to think but in reality it is a wiliness to help people not sink so low....

ChickeyCantor3388d ago

"So from birth, would you be okay with your kids watching videos of women being raped or brutal killings?"

He is obviously talking about GROWN-UPS.
No matter how you educate your child, at some point he or she will take its own turn.

Sitdown3388d ago

"Grown-ups" is not even an obvious term, its culturally defined. And you are right that at some point he or she will take their own term, but the manner in which you educate them can greatly influence the turn they take.

cmrbe3388d ago

The fundamental principal here is, Everyone has the right to do whatever they like. As a christian i believe that God gave us the free will to do whatever we like. Good or bad its our choice and our and responsibility to deal with the consequences of those choices.

Say for example Hitler. It was his choice to do what he did. Do i agree with it ?. No. Do i have the right to take that choice away from him?. No. I am not God. No one is. If we start taking free will away from people. Will society really have free will or only the free will to do what we think its right?. If God took away the our choice to do wrong then we will only have the choice to do right. Is that that free will?.

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