GTA 4 add-on: Will The Lost and Damned come for PC and PS3?

According to PCGH the German rating board USK has rated two new trailers of GTA 4: The Lost and Damned for the GamesCom entertainment trade show. This is supposed to be a hint that the GTA 4 add-on will be announced for a new platform besides the consoles.

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ukilnme3362d ago

If this is true, how did MS let this happen after paying so much for the additional content?

If this is true, does that mean the content does not suck anymore? I think I know the answer to this one but please humor me. I need some entertainment here at work.

Blaze9293362d ago

They reported that the content would be coming on a disc in March. That was not confirmed until May. So apparently that rumor is true and PSI seems to know what they are talking about. Apparently it was for exclusive DLC...not exclusive expansions on a disc. But as silly as that loophole may be, I'm sure MS was full aware of that.

Also this is a silly article:

"But why should Take Two show a games fair trailer of an already released add-on"

They must not know it's re-releasing on a disc later this year.

Cold 20003362d ago

I dont think 50 million was for DLC alone.

It was for the game to come out on the 360 on the same day as the PS3 cuz till now GTA has always been exclusive/timed exclusive on PS.

The DLC was just part of the deal.

And of course it would sell like crazy on the nope it wont suck anymore.

StanLee3362d ago

I was thinking the same thing. A release of a retail disk with both downloadable episodes will be released on October 30.

leila013362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

Just as I thought, the $50M was just a loan after all.

Hellsvacancy3362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

The ONLY time i ever play GtaIv is when me and 5-6 of my friends play Gta Race ALL the other game modes pretty much suck

Edit: Thats assumin it cums out on the Ps Store

InfectedDK3362d ago

Blaze929 - You couldn't be more accurate in my opinion..


Ofcourse it is coming on a DVD/blu-ray alongside the other DLC..
If you have been following this just a bit you would know..

Bnet3433362d ago

I can see it come out for PC, but not for PS3. I mean, didn't they (Microsoft) pay a chunk of money for it?

The Wood3362d ago

nah. The game doesnt suck but the concept did/does. This DLC was lorded up like it was a full game like a bioshock or a forza. Its still dlc for petes sake. You know you have the cornerstone of a balanced meal.....dlc is the garnish.....i want steak. Notice im not dissin the lost n the damned but stating that i feel its not on par with a full title and im not talking about game length exclusively

Raf1k13362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

You're right I don't like how people list DLC as full games either. I've seen it happen a lot on websites making lists of exclusive games or any other such list which sould only include full games.

Obama3362d ago

I wouldn't get it if it is out for the ps3 as gta4 is a borefest.

matchgrade3362d ago

How does a rerelease mean the content doesn't suck anymore? If(hypothetical "if") it sucked the first time, it'll probably suck the second time, unless they've been working hard to improve it for rerelease, but that would screw over first-time buyers.

Or is it a fanboy reaction? I guess some of us PS3 owners would be willing to change our minds about the DLC if it did end up coming to our console...

JD_Shadow3362d ago

"How does a rerelease mean the content doesn't suck anymore?"

Because they never said that. They said that things were missing from it that were in past GTAs (more or less to make it fit on one disc to keep it under MS's demands). They never once said the game was horrible.

Yet people keep confusing the two. Gee, wonder WHY?

WenisWagon3362d ago
"In a nutshell: All trailers submitted to USK are listed as "PC", regardless of what platform the product is actually released on. If the trailer itself is set for playback on PC, it's marked as PC. Simple as that."

Lifendz3361d ago

in a game where most people didn't do all the missions that came with the original game. Heck, I know a lot of people that stopped playing altogether after a few hours. I beat the game (2x in fact) and felt that Rockstar made yet another gem but I can see why people would be down on DLC that's only more missions.

Now if the DLC were something like Vice City or San Andres, then yeah, I'd be jumping for joy at the thought of it coming to PS3. It's not, and I'm going to pass if it does in fact come to PS3.

Only so much money and there are so many games to play. Plus Gamefly isn't exactly cheap.

Jinxstar3361d ago

I honestly won buy it either way. Too little to late IMO but truthfully the fallout DLC was announced as exclusive from the start. Now it isjust timed. Probably once whatever time limit is up it will come to the PS3 but I could care less before now or later about buying it. And since no one here has seen the contract all u have is speculation but with things like braid coming to PSN and the fallout DLC and other stuff I really don't see it as much of a stretch...


The deal was for microsoft to help rockstar with the devolopment since this game cost 100Million dollar to create so they borrowed money from microsoft in exchange for 2 exclusive DLC's if its timed or not only time will tell.

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Ninji3362d ago

GTA4 is garbage as well as the DLC so I wouldn't buy it regardless.

MGOelite3362d ago

same here even if it did come to ps3 i wouldnt buy it, i havent touched gta4 in like 12 months

Javier193362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

No your a f*cking moron

GTA IV happens to be one of the best games if not the best this gen

Awesome Graphics
Unmatched sound, as in voice acting, amount of content in the audio department
Huge variety of fun multiplayer modes
the most realistic and believable city ever created in gaming (go on, i dare you to tell me one better?)
amazing game engine, coupled with the euphoria engine giving the most realistic and authentic looking reaction to bullets and collision
-HUGE- game which will last you 3x as long as almost any other game out there
INCREDIBLE long story, not to mention oodles of side missions

How the HELL can you say this game is garbage?

Your pathetic beyond reason, you call yourself a gamer?

I can guarantee if this game had exclusive DLC on the PS3 you would be singing its praises

Anon19743362d ago

GTA4 was a remarkable gaming achievement. It's rare that a game delivers such superb voice acting and story matched with lengthy and excellent gameplay. The variety of different gameplay elements in this game were practically unparalleled and it deserves it's spot as the top reviewed game of this generation.
Even if it's not your type of game you can't deny what a remarkable game this is. Personally, I didn't care for Super Mario Galaxy but I wouldn't for a second argue with the high accolades it received. It was a tremendous game, it just wasn't for me.
Don't confuse your own personal tastes with quality gaming.

Saaking3362d ago

Is this you first gen? GTA IV sucked compared to past installments.

Javier193362d ago

Well said darkride,

And saak no of course it isnt my first gen, I have owned and loved every main GTA game in the series, but stop comparing it to other games, and base it on its own merits and you will see why it is the highest rated game on Metacritic, because it fully deserves to be!

Saaking3362d ago

In that case I agree, but seriously giving GTA's history I expected more; however, if GTA IV is looked at without looking at previous game it is an above average game like you said.

Etseix3362d ago

[email protected]
yes ur right, on the part of *incredible long story* yes, its a HUGE story, but, i wont call that a *story* first part was good, but after u -SPOILERS- kill Vlad or Vlod dunno wut shis name, and do the -family- missions, there u go, nothing more except be doing missions from point A, to point B then get rid of the police and reuturn to base, there u go. about story, NO it fails, i wont compare SA to GTAIV but u need to be honest too, SA is maybe the best GTA out there ( SA or GTAIII) the story of SA was better,

and about gameplay well yea obviuslyl its goin to be so long :S the lastest missions are made to go from the 3rd island to the 1st then go again to the 3rd, dam thats so long, and yeah it almost looks like the *side missions* are the same missions to complete the game, cuz on a lot of them, they make u do something thats NOT UR PROBLEM! so, in the end of the day, the side missions are side-side missions (or it looks like it)

Kleptic3362d ago

pfft...I hope the PS3 gets the ballad of gay tony instead...har har...

don't care either way...most overrated game of this decade more or less...have no interest in buying additional content for it...

3362d ago
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xztence3362d ago

Once again, thanks for betatesting bots :)
and to think the bots have nothing else then DLC to play this year.

truegamer4life3362d ago

Dude your such a dumbass. If you think 360owners were beta testing when they were enjoying the expansion packs. Whatever makes you happy buddy. If I was a PS3 owner, I wouldn't buy any DLC or game then came out at a later date and pay full price for it. Thats just stupid. If its a multi-platform game, it should come out the same day on all consoles. Period! And that goes for DLC, too.

topdawg1223362d ago

Well I hope it's all included on a disc for ps3, I loved GTA4 and im not really sure why anyone hates it. I had a blast with it, and ive played all the other gtas as well.

fuckoffodion3362d ago

eh don't care. Beat it, don't want to play it again. Just bring on the next GTA and make sure it's like SA.

Kleptic3362d ago

yep...make it nuts again...the artsy style of GTAIV was ok at first, but quickly went sour for me when I realized just how boring it made the game...I am not saying it was a 'bad' game, but GTAIV was far from GOTY imo...was a solid 8 overall, mostly because of funny dialogue, decent characters (save packy or whatever his name was), and a great recreation of NY...but gameplay was well south of other gta games...was worth playing...but have no interest in ever playing again...let alone buying additional missions or something...

water under the bridge rockstar...just make a new one now...and make it a better homage to what made the franchise popular to begin with...and you'll have my attention again...

MetalGearBear 3362d ago

i not want see naked man!!!!