All Age Gaming: Call Of Juarez: Bound In Blood Xbox 360 Review

The Western is a genre scarcely seen gracing consoles with its undeniable depth and potential, but for what reason? Whenever a game set in the wild west is released, it garners mediocre-at-best reviews by the critics of the gaming world, yet never ceases to gain such a phenomenal cult following that it's a wonder why more developers aren't simply jumping at the chance to create a brilliant western game, wether it be a First Person Shooter, RPG, or heck, even a horse racing game (ok, that last one probably wouldn't work). Take Gun for example, this was a massive hit despite average reviews, or the first Call Of Juarez game. It was popular enough to warrant an even better sequel; Call Of Juarez: Bound in Blood. But is this western game enough to give the genre the recognition it deserves, or will it keep it among the ranks of the underrated? Read on to find out...

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