Additional Resident Evil "Chronicles" games seems likely

According to an exchange between Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles chief producer Masachika Kawata and the game's other producer, Kentaro Noguchi, there is a high chance that there will be more Resident Evil "Chronicles" games.

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knox3363d ago

no thanks....who else wants a re game other than the chronicles stuff on wii?

ChickeyCantor3363d ago

I have a Ps3 but i would love to see RE5 come to the Wii, RE4 did such a great job. While the onrail shooters look great i have little interest in them.

knox3363d ago

i wanna see a new RE game with the re4 controls or somthing like that

EvilTwin3363d ago

Great. More onrails stuff instead of a proper third-person game? Fail.

Maybe the RE folks will be shamed into doing a proper game if SH: Shattered Memories turns out good.

knox3363d ago

the thing you cant say is that these games are bad, we only want variety

sam22363363d ago

Come on Capcom, forget the on-rails crap and remake RE2 and RE3 already!!!

-Mezzo-3363d ago

Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition is one of the best games on Nintendo Wii, i hope this game is as good.

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