Q&A: Marvelous Entertainment's Wada Talks Being Core On Wii

Gamasutra: Marvelous Entertainment has grown enormously as a company from its inception in 1997, working on smaller licensed titles. By 2005, the company was publishing games like No More Heroes while internally developing its flagship Harvest Moon series.

But Marvelous has had it rough in recent years, as its core-oriented games have struggled to find the market they need to sustain growth. Marvelous-funded Muramasa: The Demon Blade is about to release, and its well-reviewed core/casual-straddling title Little King's Story has just released through Xseed. (See our interview with that game's producer, Yoshihiro Kimura).

As neither a casual nor hardcore-oriented company, Marvelous is continuing to find its place in the market. Gamasutra spoke with director of digital contents Yasuhiro Wada (also the company's defacto creative director) regarding the current and future state of Marvelous, the company's plans for the U.S. market, and the publishing relationship with Xseed.

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